Fujian Western Gulf Seafood Co.,Ltd.



Fujian Western Gulf Seafood Co.,Ltd.
Address:Jiangyin Industrial Area Fuqing 350309 Fujian China
Tel: 86-591-85968586, 85968556, 86-591-85968516, 85968537, 85968536
Fax: 86-591-85966336
Website: http://www.westerngulf.cn

About Us
Fujian Western Gulf Seafood Co.,Ltd.is located at Fuqing jiangyin Industrial Zone(adjacent to the new deep water seaport).Our total area occupies land of 5.5 ares and total building area of 9,800 square meters,cold storge capacity of 2,500 metric tons and technically advanced processing machinery and equipments,Our enterprise has over 150well-trained plant workers plus a 50 strong of high quality and proficient office and management personnels.Our production capactity reaches over 2,000metric tons per year of high quality sea food products as certified by EEC of Europe and the regions spreading over many corners of the world.

Our Company´s is slogan is :“If there is heart,there is stage,there is Western Gulf.”

Western Gult Seafood Co.,Ltd. is committed to pursuing continous further advancement of our products to newer markets,technical improvement,and better effectiness.We are striving to make our product to the level of ‘Green food’.

IN order to let the products meet the requirement of different customers,the enterprise has been continuously improving and updating the hardware facilities,The enterprise now has 3 sets of water facilities(tap water,5°C ice water,and ultraviolet treated water),Double-spiral machine,Shrlmp grading machine,fish saw table,metal detector,alumlnum plate quick frozen chamber,steaming machine,and quality control laboratory.

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