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Head office: (all Mail)
Frank Mason & Associates
Address: 243 Peel St (PO Box 66), North Melbourne Vic 3051, AUSTRALIA
Phone: 613 / 03 9328 2211
Fax: 613 / 03 9328 3350

Queensland Office:
Frank Mason & Associates (c/- Kalypso Kold Store)
Address: Beverley St, Morningside Qld, AUSTRALIA
Phone: 617 / 07 3899 9526
Fax: 617 / 07 3899 9294

Our team:
Frank Mason – Managing Director: 0412 346479

Neil Kunde – Queensland Manager: 0412 837133

Gerry Long – SE Australia Manager: 0412 346417

Anthony Pattison – Finance Director

Administration & Accounts

Frank Mason & Associates are long established & widely respected worldwide seafood traders with our extensive network able to supply from or to nearly anywhere there is seafood caught or required. Our special area of interest is of course supply into Australia and sourcing from the famous Australian & New Zealand environmentally pristine fisheries to the world of users.

Our team comprising Neil Kunde as Queensland manager & Gerry Long the SE Australian Manager, led by Frank Mason have extensive experience in all aspects of the Industry. Ranging from international and domestic trading, food processing, food service, supply of raw materials to processors and all requirements for the wholesale trade.

Our Philosophy
To be proactive in the procurement and placement of foods, especially seafood and to be a reliable and innovative conduit between sectors on a national and international scale.

By working closely with companies involved in:
– harvesting and processing;
– value adding and manufacturing;
– wholesale and trading sectors.

To be alert and rapidly respond to the specific requirements of the various sectors of our industry, with a worldwide perspective.

Our trade around the world and within Australia encompasses many areas including the supply of raw materials to processors and end use products to the wholesale trade and buying groups.

We offer a diversity of items for human consumption, re-processing and the commercial &/or recreational bait markets. Whatever you require or want to develop a market for, we aim to work with suppliers and users to meet your needs in a timely and efficient way.

Frank Mason & Associates offer representation of companies in the US, EU, Asia, the Pacific and New Zealand into Australia. We are also active in the market development for Australian & New Zealand exporters around the world, without overlooking our third country trading (from offshore suppliers to another offshore buyer).

With such extensive contacts and regular worldwide communication we are always aware of the latest information, trends and pricing to help your business develop and expand.


As traders we can supply or sell a vast diversity of products, some examples are:
– Australian & New Zealand whole fish & squid
– Bait for commercial and amateur sectors from domestic & global sources
– Commercial fish for processing, blocks of fillets or mince, roe, frames & heads
– Sardines / Pilchards from Australia, Asia and the US in block & IQF forms
– Squid including arrow, illex, loligo opalescence, whole, H.&G., tubes, tentacles & wings
– Surimi blocks for processing

We welcome your enquiries for all products as we cannot list everything our diversity of connections have available which might fulfill your requirements.



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