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Forest Brothers Seafood Co.,Ltd.
Add: Floor 8th, Shunlide Commercial Building, No.1, Jinlong Road , Daliang, Shunde,Guangdong, China.
Post Code: 528300
Contact Person: Mr. Forest Yao, Mr.Wing Zhong, Ms.Candy Liu,
Tel: +86-757-22218739(Forest),- 22389679 (Wing),22360679(Candy)
Fax: +86-757-22219468, 22305789
SKYPE: forestbro

About Us
Forest Brothers Seafood,Co.,Ltd, based in Guangdong province of China, is a professional seafood exporter which is focusing on competitive prices and high quality.

We have been in seafood business since 1980 and with our stable and pleasant performances, we are having a good reputation as a serious and reliable company in seafood business field in China and also amount our overseas clients and partners. Our plant is approved by EU and-  HACCP. On the other hand, we already established an excellent purchase team and a network along the coast of China and the main resource area for materials.-

In global seafood market nowadays, competitive price is always the first issue while good quality is a must.

We are paying a lot of attention to cost-control to keep us having competitive prices in the market. We have invested in our own farms to have our own materials supply to lower the cost. We are always studying and improving our management level, the production efficiency as well as the cooperation with the other materials suppliers. All these effort just is to keep the company running in a better way and having good and reasonable prices.

We are working hard to maintain the best and the toughest control on the products against chemical residues such as Malachite Green, Leuco Malachite Green, Nitro Furan, etc. We have our marvelous lab experts and equipments doing detecting tests to our material and products inside our factory. We are sure that the goods we send to you will reach your safety standard in any place of the world including Europe. In 2005, we successfully exported more than 1500 tons of Head-on shrimp to Spain and all the goods passed the checking of the local health authority.

Moreover, learning from the more than 20 year’s experience of working with our clients, we have a deep understanding that communication is a very important part of business, especially between the Chinese suppliers and importers. We are always trying our best for providing professional detailed and quick-reacting service to our clients. On the other hand, we are open, flexible and frank to you about any kind of cooperation.

Our company is still developing at a nice speed and we are looking forward to cooperating with our friends worldwide. Welcome to contact us and let’s start our business relationship to explore the business opportunities in seafood business.


– Tilapia
– Eel (Anguilla Anguilla & Anguilla Japonica)
– Squid
– Cat Fish
– Sea Bass
– Red drum fillet

– Breaded Shrimp
– Cooked Head-On
– Cooked Headless



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