Five Star Foodstuff Co., Limited



Five Star Foodstuff Co., Limited
Address: Room 1210, Hainuo Building, No.150 Changjiang Road, 264006 Yantai ETDZ, China
Tel: +86-535-6952806
Fax: +86-535-6958823
Contact: Jacky Woo Jenny Hou

About Us
Five Star Foodstuff Co.,Limited is a seafood processor and trader located in Yantai , a major seafood-processing base in China . Since engaged in seafood business, we have been devoting our effort on providing quality seafood to our customers and building a reputation of innovation and integrity in the seafood industry. Over years of development we now operate two owned factories.

Both of our factories are certified by the EU Commission for exporting seafood to European countries and we process our products strictly under HACCP guidelines.

Our frozen line includes these species: Todarodes Pacificus Squid Tube/Ring, Illex Argentinus Squid Tube/Ring, Arrow Squid Tube/Ring, Bartrami Squid Tube/Ring, Pacific/Atlantic Cod Fillet , Red Fish Fillet, Chum Salmon Fillet, Pacific Mackerel Fillet, Saithe Fillet, Alaskan Pollock Fillet, Yellow fin Sole Fillet, Chinese Bay Scallop, Monkfish Tail. The majority of our products are for export to EU, North America , Japan and Korea .

Five Star Foodstuff Co.,Limited has built a reputation of integrity among the raw material suppliers and its valued customers – a reputation we cherish and will continue to enhance. We will continue to provide quality seafood and services to our customers and grow with them together.

IQF Todarodes Pacificus Squid Tube
IQF Todarodes Pacificus Squid Ring
IQF Bartrami Squid Tube
IQF Arrow Squid Tube
Illex Squid Tube
Frozen Todarodes Pacificus Squid Tube interleaved packing
Frozen Todarodes Pacificus Squid T&T



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