Dragon Taste Seafood Wholesale & Retail Sdn. Bhd.



Dragon Taste Seafood Wholesale & Retail Sdn. Bhd.
Address: 19, Lorong Selat Selatan 30, Pandamaran, 42000 Port Klang, Selangor D.E., Malaysia
Tel: +6 012 312 5995 / +603 3168 5995
Fax: +6 03 3168 5775
Email: raymond@freshliveseafood.com
Website: http://www.freshliveseafood.com

An Overview of Dragon Taste Seafood
Dragon Taste Seafood Wholesale & Retail Sdn Bhd was formerly known as Dragon Taste Seafood Supply. Founded on 26 March 2001 by Mr. Raymond Tea and Mr. Teh., the company began operation as a supplier of quality frozen seafood to Chinese restaurants and seafood eateries in the Klang Valley.

As business expanded in 2003, the company ventured from frozen seafood retailing to include supply of live seafood such as red snapper, grouper and other popular varieties to a growing list of restaurants. Response for quality fresh seafood from the customers was optimistic. Consequently, a seafood aquarium was set up to meet the customers’ needs.

In 2004, backed with hands-on experience and know-how in the supply of live seafood, the company expanded its live seafood category to include prawn, flower crab and other crustaceans.

Two years later, Dragon Taste Seafood further established its product range from frozen seafood to live seafood, fresh and processed seafood. A significant milestone was achieved when Dragon Taste Seafood Import & Export – the sister company of Dragon Taste Seafood was set up to handle the import and export operation of live and frozen seafood.

The company is in the process of setting up a seafood processing plant mainly to produce fish products such as fillet, chilled and ready-meal to cater to the local and oversea markets. Our future processing plant will be equipped with advanced machinery and managed according to strict international hygiene and food safety standards. The plant setup will further strengthen our consistent quality seafood supply capacity.

In the area of fish farming, Dragon Taste Seafood has the full backing of KS Aquaculture Sdn Bhd – one of the largest marine fish farming companies in Malaysia. Marine harvest has been drastically reduced from time to time as a result of increased fishing activities compared to before. As a result, aquaculture farming will undoubtedly be one of the more reliable seafood source in the future. KS Aquaculture has in this context, put all efforts in maintaining the consistent high quality of its farmed fish. All the company’s farmed fish are fed with quality feeds imported from France and Taiwan to ensure top grade stocks. With the consistent supply of fresh farmed fish from its partner company, Dragon Taste Seafood is able to provide customers with a steady source of high quality seafood all year round.

Selection of high grade bred coupled with systematic management, fully up-to-date facilities and stringent quality control standards have earned Dragon Taste Seafood a reputation for high quality products and service.

Sanma (pacific saury) 秋刀鱼
Stingray Meat 方鱼肉
Sea Cucumber 海参
Dried Prawn 虾米
Sabah Prompret 沙巴道底
Mantis Prawn Meat 虾姑肉
Small Shrimp Meat 小虾肉
Shrimp Meat 麻虾肉
Squil 苏东
Small Squil 小苏东
Bamboo Shell 竹滩
Flower Crab Meat 花蟹肉
Scallop With Shell 带子
Big Prawn 大明虾
Canadian Geoduck 加拿大象拔蚌
Australia Snow Crab 澳洲雪蟹
Australia King Crab 澳洲帝王蟹
Australia Green Crab 澳洲青蟹
Australia Abalone 澳洲鲍鱼
Baby Abalone 南非鲍鱼仔
Australia Lobster 澳洲龙虾
Female Mud Crab 膏蟹
Meat Crab 肉蟹
Tiger Lobster
White Kepah 啦啦
Flower Crab (A) 花蟹
Humpback Grouper 老鼠班
Humphead Wrasse 苏梅
Spotted Coral Grouper 泰星班
East Spotted Grouper 东星班
Seabass 石甲
Spotted snapper 海底鸡
Tiger Prawn 老虎虾
Mantis Prawn 虾蛄
King Grouper / Long Tan 龙旦
Green Grouper 海班
Tiger Grouper 老虎班
Golden Snapper 红枣
Red Snapper 红鸡
Spotted Snapper 白点
Red Drum 台湾马友
Silver Wax Pompono 银昌
Escargot 日本罗



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