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Dalian Rich Seafood Co. Ltd
Address: Shiyuan International mansion, No. 156 Jinma road, Development zone, Dalian, China

Plant 1: Dalian Rich Enterprise Group Co., Ltd.
Address: Cotton island, Dalianwan town, Ganjingzi district, Dalian China

Plant 2: Dalian Rich Enterprise Group Co., Ltd Dafangshen plant
Address: Dafangshen village, Dalianwan town, Ganjingzi district, Dalian China

Rich Group / Rich Seafood
Switchboard 0411 -88032000
International Trade 0411 -88032268Human Resources 0411 -88032000-610
Fax: 0411-88032211
MSN: richseafood@live.cn
Skype: richseafood
Website: http://www.richseafood.com

Dalianwan Fish Market
Hotline: 400 -700-5022
Website: http://www.dlw-ys.com
Tel :0411 -88032000

Switchboard 0411 -88032038
Marketing 0411 -88032000-509
Sales 0411 -88032000-333
Ministry of Personnel 0411 -88032000-507
Fax 0411 -88032200

Company Profile
Dalian Rich Seafood Co., Ltd., founded in 2000, is a private enterprise mainly engaged in the purchasing, processing and marketing of aquatic products and agricultural and sideline products, with the rights of self-managed import and export.

Over years of development, the company, covering an area of 16,000 m2, has owned 2 modern processing factories and 6 processing workshops with an annual capacity of over 10,000 tons, and passed relevant international certifications of HACCP, ISO9001, BRC, MSC etc., with European Union Registration No. 2100/02255 and 2100/02609. Today, it has become an agricultural industrialization key leading enterprise of Liaoning Province through cooperation and common development with Dalian Richever International Trade Co., Ltd., Dalian Dalianwan Fish Market Co., Ltd. and Dalian Rich shipping Equipment Co., Ltd. Adopting the business strategy of combining domestic and foreign trades, the company mainly exports series products made of salmon, red fish, etc. to Europe, America, Africa, Russia, Japan, South Korea and other international markets.

Its domestic trade mainly covers three series of products, i.e., frozen food series, like fine finished fish, shrimp, breaded, microwave type of food, etc.; canned food series, like canned salmon, canned tuna, canned scomber japonicus, canned mackerel, shredded salmon, shredded Antarctic krill, etc.; prepared food series, like instant wakame, overnight dry food processed by Japanese technology, rice with mackerel, various seafood sauce, etc. With three well-known brands, “Rich”, “Dalianwan” and “Seafood Master”, the enterprise has been appraised as “Grade AAA Credit Enterprise of Dalian City” for many years. Its products, sold to big and middle cities and winning the praise of consumers, have obtained many honorary titles such as “Dalian Reassuring Food”, “Demonstration Project Enterprise of Reassuring Food in Dalian City”, “Famous Brand Product of Dalian City”, “Famous Brand Product of Liaoning Province”, etc.

Rich Seafood has always adhered to the enterprise mission of “Being Marine Food Expert, Serving for Public Health”. Under the guidance of this mission, our product development effectively follow the quality policy of “Strict Quality, Refined Process, Excellent Service, Realistic Management” from the choice of raw materials to listed through tracking of finished products in the principle of safe, nutritious, delicious and convenient, thus providing consumers with nutritional seafood featuring ‘Deep-sea Nutrition, Chef Delicacy’.

The rapid enterprise development is inseparable from culture precipitation and the use of talents. Over the years, we have cooperated with domestic and international partners for coopetition and win-win by adhering to the operation philosophy of “People-oriented, Integrity-based, Diligence-developed and Innovation-pursued”. For personnel utilization, we follow the talent concept of men capable for positions and posts suitable for men to make our team more united, while actively play the team spirit of persistence, dedication, collaboration and gratitude!

– Squid
– Squid tubes
– Squid ring
– Atlantic salmon fillets
– Pink salmon fillet blocks
– Chum salmon fillets
– Chum salmon portions
– Salmon dimond
– Salmon flake
– Pink salmon fillets
– Pink salmon portions
– Alaska Pollock fillet blocks
– Alaska Pollock fillets
– Red fish fillets (Skin on)
– Red fish fillets (Skinless)
– Skin on Red fish fillets
– Cod Loins
– Cod Fillets
– Cod portions
– Cod tail fillets
– Mackerel Steaks
– Halibut steaks
– Halibut fillets
– Headless Mackerel



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