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Chaivaree Marine Products Co., Ltd.
Address: 29/1, Ekachai road, Nadee, Muang, 74000 Samutsakhon, Thailand.
Tel: +66 34 864444
Fax: +66 34 864222, 864457

Company History
In the year of 1970’s the demand of seafood consumption from
developing countries as Japan, EU and U.S.A. were much increased because of their economic growth.  There were plenty of seafood resources available in Thailand but lack of processing capability.

Mr. Suwat Chantayasakorn had seen such opportunity.  For his own experience for long time in local fishery business, he decided to build a small seafood processing factory in Mahachai city Samutsakhon province in order to serve such need.  Therefore, S. Chaivaree Cold Storage Co., Ltd was founded in 1974.  At the beginning most of products were basically primary processed as commodity items.  The products were mainly cuttlefish, squid, baby octopus and sea shrimp.  Japan has been our major customer who has purchased regularly till now.

Because of the fertility of seafood in Thailand and continuous purchasing demand, S.Chaivaree was rapidly growing till it moved to a new place with bigger processing plant in 1978.  Even though we already have a new factory but the consumption demand was growing much faster so Mr. Suwat decided to open another company named Chaivaree Marine Products Co., Ltd in 1990.  This new company was running with the same management team.  Another new modern factory was built beside its predecessor in the same area.  Because Mahachai is the major city of all fishery businesses then S.Chaivaree Cold Storage and Chaivaree Marine Products are located in the best position even now.  The success of Thailand black tiger shrimp cultivation in 1990 caused the growth of both companies became prosperous since then.

Till 1992 we again wanted to do more high value added items  so we replaced the old S.Chaivaree Cold Storage factory building with a new modern and high technology equipped one.  Hence, we were ready to go for all high value added processing order.  Most of our clients started to develop many new high value added OEM products since then.

With 30 years of processing experience and reliable reputation, we have been approved from all concerning government authorities and well known in the field.  We always receive constant order from the clients all over the world.  Our genuine OEM products have been high rated and satisfied every client for long time.  But we never stop to develop the efficiency, quality and sanitation in order to generate quality safety food with least environmental waste to serve all clients’ need.

– Start to discuss about processing project and all details and conditions according to customer’s demand.
– Make processing quotation according to customer’s demand and condition.
– Customer delivers all necessary raw materials to manufacturer.  After receiving of raw materials, manufacturer will complete processing according to concluded conditions.
– Customer prepares necessary L/C or other financial assurance to cover buying back of finished product from manufacturer.
– After receiving L/C and financial assurance, manufacturer will arrange to ship all finished product according to customer instruction.

Our Products

CUTTLEFISH (Sepia spp.)
Frozen cuttlefish fillet
Frozen cuttlefish tentacles beak & eys off
Frozen cuttlefish wing
Frozen cuttlefish black skin
Frozen cuttlefish ink
Frozen whole cleaned cuttlefish
Frozen cuttlefish roe
Frozen cuttlefish mouth
Frozen cuttlefish side meat

SHRIMP (Penaeus vannamei)
Frozen shrimp headless shell on
Frozen shrimp meat peeled deveined
Frozen shrimp meat peeled undeveined
Frozen breaded shrimp

OCTOPUS (Octopus spp.)
Frozen baby octopus inkless flower
Frozen baby octopus spilt

OCTOPUS (Octopus graptus)
Frozen giant octopus inkless flower

Frozen sole fish fillet (Cynoglossus spp.)
Frozen breaded fish

Frozen seasoned caplin roe
Frozen breaded cheese



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