Chaicharoen Marine (2002) Co., Ltd.



Chaicharoen Marine (2002) Co., Ltd.
Address: 364 Moo 8, Muang Pattani Thailand 94000
Phone: 073-311142-3
Fax: 073-311121

CMR’s History
Since 1976 our fishery business was started to purchasing all kinds of fish from general native fisherman in several locations in Pattani. Afterward we have own fishing boats Since then our family’s business was highly successful continuously. In 1977, our founder was established fish meal plant to support waste from fish under name ‘Pattan fish meal industry partnership’ At same time to expand new business such as ice making factory, dockyard fishing boats respectively.In 1988, the founder changed organization structure under name

‘Pattani fish meal (1988) Co.,Ltd.’
The business have been continually growth. As we have the advantage of raw materials be able to gather many kinds of fishes from direct owner fishing boats and group of supplier is strategically located of raw material sources around this area. In 2002, a new factory was established under name

‘Chaicharoen Marine (2002) Co.,Ltd.’
Processing frozen Surimi (minced fish). The business goal of Chaicharoen Marine (2002) Co., Ltd to expanding the business we are processing value added products to produce high quality according to the quality standard. Nowadays our products are acceptable for domestic and abroad such as Japan, Singagore ,Malaysia , Korea , Taiwan, EU and Bahrain.

Surimi Products
Eso Surimi
Itoyori Surimi
himeji Surimi
Kintokidai Surimi
Red Himeji Surimi
Mamakari Surimi


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