Cabo Virgenes SRL



Address: Av. M. González y S.J.C. Marsengo (9103) Puerto Rawson – Chubut – República Argentina
Tel: +54 2965 49.8221

Our Company
Cabo Virgenes is a company that specializes in fishing, processing and marketing seafood. It’s been created to fulfill the highest international quality standards. Our process relies on UE regulations. (91-493 and 94/356 CEE) and United States HACCP system.

Products are captured daily by our own coastal fishing ships and sent to our on shore facilities at Port Rawson. This assures the product’s quick arrival to the process stage and guarantees it premium quality.

Our facility have leading technology, according to the quality standards demanded by the most important markets of the world. We also have our own ice-flake factory.

Our careful logistics and work methodology allows us to assure the cooling chain, a crucial factor that guarantees the quality of our products up until they arrive to their final destination.

Our products range includes species captured by our fleet, which are frozen and processed at our on shore facilities.

Whole shrimp frozen on shore – Frozen in tunnel
In shell tails frozen on shore – Frozen in plaques.
Shelled tails frozen on shore



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