Boston Lobster Company, LLC



USA Address: 345 West First Street, Boston, MA 02127

CANADA Address: 2052 Highway 330, Newellton, Nova Scotia

Phone: (617) 464-1500
Fax: (617) 464-1131

Phone:    (617) 464-1500
Fax:    (617) 464-2293

Neil Zarella (President) –
Bobby Behrman (Sales Manager), HACCP Coordinator –

About Us
Boston Lobster Company was founded in 1986 by Neil Zarella.  His dedication and hard work has been the cornerstone of the company.  Through his direction, we have grown to become one of the premier distributors of live lobsters around the world.  Today we continue to grow and look forward to providing your company with quality hard-shell lobsters year-round.

Our lobster pound and holding facility located in southwest Nova Scotia ensures we have an adequate supply of product through the long winter months.

Our proximity to Logan International Airport allows us to handle all of your last-minute orders.  Our goal is to provide you with the best product available on the market. We are dedicated to servicing each of our clients with individual customer care.  Your concern about quality, care, pricing and service is always our top priority with Boston Lobster Company.

Our main facility is located near the waterfront in South Boston, Massachusetts.  It is fully HACCP compliant and incorporates the latest technologies for holding live lobsters.  In 2002 we completed retrofitting our cooler and installed one of the first tote holding systems in the United States.  This system, pictured at the left, not only increases the productivity of our employees, but more importantly, reduces the stress on the lobsters and provides a better product.  Once this system was completed, our holding capacity in Boston increased to over 60,000 pounds.

We are also located only minutes from Logan International Airport.  Not only does this allow us to handle your last minute orders, but it also means we can pack your orders much closer to departure time.  Less time in the box is always beneficial.

In 1998 we purchased a lobster pound located on Cape Sable Island in southwest Nova Scotia.  The pound, pictured below, covers and area of nearly three acres.  It has a holding capacity of 140,000 pounds.  Later, in 2001, we completed construction of the tank house seen in the pictures.  As a CFIA certified facility, it allows us to hold 110,000 pounds year-round in refrigerated water.  In addition to our own facility, we lease additional lobster pounds that increase our total holding capacity in Nova Scotia to nearly 600,000 pounds.  This capacity ensures we are able to provide a consistent supply of quality lobster.



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