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Address: No. 67, Chaoyang Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100025 P.R.CHINA
Tel: 0086 10 85788366
Fax: 0086 10 65408687

BILLION FISH CO., LTD is a major supplier of frozen products from China to the world, including frozen seafood, fruit and vegetables. Our product is mainly exported to USA, South America, Australia, Europe, Africa and Russia etc., to more than 50 countries. Our export value is more than 50 million US Dollar in last year.

Since the establishment of our company, we have always been very rigorous, and keep improving ourselves. Our factories are certified by HACCP, EU, ACC, BRC, MSC, ISO etc. We have a professional artwork design department, making beautiful package design to meet customers’ satisfaction. We have standard and modern laboratory, testing microbiology and chemicals in product, strictly implementing every country’s standards. We have quality control department. Our inspectors physically inspect each container on the product quality, color, flavor, texture, weight, size etc. No single container can leave China without our QC stamp. We also implemented traceability system. We have taken all steps to ensure that our customers receive satisfactory goods.

Quality is the key to our survival; service is the key to our development. We are committed to meeting customer’s needs; sincerely taking care of every customer. If you have any questions about our product, we will clear your doubt with great patience. If you have any demands on our product, please contact us. We will enthusiastically provide you with attentive service with our professional knowledge.

With experience, professionalism and responsibility, we have made friends and built strong partnerships all over the world. We are your reliable and trusted friends. We look into in-depth cooperation with our old and new friends.

Today and tomorrow, we are always working hard to win the respect of our business partners.

Certified Factory
Our factory owns advanced production equipment and experienced management personnel. All facilities within our factory meet the sanitary management system requirements; all production is conducted in safe sanitary condition. Our factory is certified by HACCP, EU, ACC, BRC, MSC, ISO etc. During production process, from material, raw material receiving, processing and dispatch, there is comprehensive monitoring, our product is traceable. Before product is dispatched out of factory, we will conduct strict quality inspection and laboratory testing.

– Tilapia whole round, WGS, WGGSTilapia whole round, WGS, WGGSOreochromis niloticus
– Tilapia fillets, deep skinnedTilapia fillets, deep skinnedOreochromis niloticus
– Tilapia filletTilapia filletOreochromis niloticus
– Tilapia fillets, Super Deep SkinnedTilapia fillets, Super Deep SkOreochromis niloticus
– Atlantic PollockAtlantic PollockTheragra chalcogramma
– Atlantic COD / Pacific CODAtlantic COD / Pacific CODGadus morhua / Gadus macroceph
– Salmon (chum, pink)Salmon (chum, pink)Oncorhynchus Keta/ Gorbuscha
– HaddockHaddockMelanogrammus aeglefinus
– HakeHakeMerluccius productus
– Mackerel Japanese/Horse/Atlantic/SpanishMackerel Japanese/Horse/AtlantScomber japonicus/Trachurus ja
– John DoryJohn DoryZeus japonicus
– MonkfishMonkfishLophius Litulon
– Yellow fin soleYellow fin soleLimanda aspera
– CatfishCatfishIctalarus punctatus
– Carp fishCarp fishCyprinus carpio
– Blue whitingBlue whitingMicromesistius australis
– Arrowtooth Flounder FilletsArrowtooth Flounder FilletsAtheresthes Stomias
– SaitheSaithePollachius virens
– RedfishRedfishSebastes mantella, Sebastes al
– Silver fishSilver fishNeosalanx tangkahkeii
– BlockBlockBlock
– Skinless filletsSkinless filletsSkinless fillets
– Skinless portionSkinless portionSkinless portion
– Skin-on portionSkin-on portionSkin-on portion
– Skin-on filletsSkin-on filletsSkin-on fillets
– Loin
– Fish fingerFish fingerFish finger
– Breaded fishBreaded fishBreaded fish
– SkewerSkewerSkewer

– Squid T+TSquid T+TTodarodes pacificus, Illex ill
– Squid tubesSquid tubesTodarodes pacificus, Illex ill
– Squid ringsSquid ringsTodarodes pacificus, Illex ill
– SquidSquidLoligo chinensis
– Baby squidBaby squidLoligo japonicus, Loligo chine
– Squid tentacleSquid tentacleTodarodes pacificus, Illex ill
– OctopusOctopusOctopus vulgaris, Octopus ocel
– Seafood cocktailSeafood cocktailSeafood spp.

– HOSO VannameiHOSO VannameiPenaeus vannamei
– HLSO VannameiHLSO VannameiPenaeus vannamei
– PTO & PDTO VannameiPTO & PDTO VannameiPenaeus vannamei
– PD & PUD VannameiPD & PUD VannameiPenaeus vannamei
– Buttery VannameiButtery VannameiPenaeus vannamei
– Pink shrimpPink shrimpMetapennaeus ensis
– Red shrimpsRed shrimpsSolenocera melantho
– Crayfish tail meatCrayfish tail meatProcambarus clarkii
– Breaded VannameiBreaded VannameiPenaeus vannamei
– Crab cutCrab cutPortunus trituberculatus
– Baby clamBaby clamVenerupis variegata
– Sea scallop, Bay ScallopSea scallop, Bay ScallopPatinopecten yessoensis
– Mussel meatMussel meatMytilus edulis

– FlakesFlakesSurimi spp.
– ChunksChunksSurimi spp.
– SticksSticksSurimi spp.
– BiteBiteSurimi spp.
– Crab clawCrab clawSurimi spp.
– Lobster tailLobster tailSurimi spp.
– ShrimpsShrimpsSurimi spp.
– Lobster clawLobster clawSurimi spp.
– Shredden flakeShredden flakeSurimi spp.



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