Beihai Qinguo Frozen Foods Co., Ltd.



Beihai Qinguo Frozen Foods Co., Ltd.
Add: Qiaogang peninsula Industry Developing Zone,Beihai,Guangxi,China
Tel: +0086-779-3883533/3881838
Fax: +0086-779-3888570/3889077
EECN NO: 4500/02029

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About Us
Beihai Qinguo Frozen Foods Co., Ltd is one of subsidiary companies of Baiyang Group,which is located in the North Gulf Beihai Guangxi. We are one of Guangxi top enterprises of aquaculture and farming engaged in processing and exporting ocean fish,fresh water fish,shrimp,shell fish,crab,ocean mollusk,alga and so on. There are 6 quick frozenstores with daily frozen capacity 150MT,frozen storage capacity is 4500 MT. We are approved HACCP verification,EU register verification and ISO9001:2000 international quality control system verification. Our products are including Tilapia, Vannamei White Shrimp,Channel Catfish,Squid,Hardshell Clam etc.,which are exported  to USA,EU,Russia,Canada,Japan,Korea,Latin-Americ,South East Asia and other countries and regions.

We have our ocean fishing boats and aquaculture farming bases which have been registered by CIQ.Aquaculture farming bases is raised strictly with standardization.We are the largest aquaculture company in Beihai Guangxi.

– ISO9001-2000 Quality System Approval
– Sanitation Verification Certificate
– USA HACCP Verification Certificate
– EEC Verification Certificate
– Aquaculture Certification Council


– Frozen tilapia whole round

Tilapia Fillet Normal Skinned
– Frozen tilapia fillet,noemal skin, CO treated for USA, Mexico, Russia market.

Tilapia Fillet Skin-on
– Tilapia fillets,skin on,boneless,non CO.

Tilapia Fillet Super Deep Skinned
– Tilapia fillets,super deep skin ,boneless.

Tilapia Fillet Deep Skinned
– Tilapia fillets,deep skin ,boneless.

Tilapia Fillet partial deep skin
– Tilapia fillets,partial skinless ,boneless,CO treat.

Shrimp HOSO
– Vannamei White Shrimp,head on and shell on.

Cooked Shrimp head on shell on
– Vannamei White Shrimp,cooked head on and shell on.

Shrimp headless on shell on
– Vannamei White Shrimp,headless and shell on.

Shrimp PUD/PND
– Vannamei White Shrimp,peeled,fail off,deveined or undeveined

– Cooked Vannamei White Shrimp,peeled,fail off,deveined or undeveined

Shrimp CPDTO
– Cooked Vannamei White Shrimp,peeled,fail-on,deveineo



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