Axellus AS



Axellus A/S
Address: Industrigrenen 10, 2635 Ishøj, Denmark
Phone:+ 45 43 56 56 56
Fax: + 45 43 56 57 00

Leading supplier of health and food
Axellus represents some of the best known brands within health and food supplements, such as; Gerimax (Energy) – Litozin (Joint Care) – Möller’s (Omega 3) – Maxim (Sport Nutrition) – Curamed (Cough & Cold).

We are represented worldwide with subsidiaries in the Nordic countries, Poland, the Czech Republic and the Baltic countries and by distributors in more than 25 countries.

High quality products
Our first brand – Möller’s Omega-3 – was established in 1854 by Pharmacist Peter Möller – and our long history and experience in developing and producing high quality products enable us to meet our consumer’s needs by improving and developing innovative products and solutions.

Production sites in DK and NO
We produce most of our brands at Axellus’ production sites in Norway and Denmark. This enable us to have fully control of the total value chain, ensuring the highest quality and safety of our products.

Orklas health-supplement company
Axellus is the Health-Supplement company of the Orkla group. Orkla is a Scandinavian Conglomerate with a solid global presence. It was established in 1654 and is today the leading supplier of branded consumer goods to the Nordic grocery market. Orkla has business areas; operating in the branded consumer goods, materials, renewable energy and financial investment sectors. It is one of Norway’s largest companies on the Oslo’s Stock Exchange.

Facts about Orkla:
– 35,000 employees; the biggest operations are in Norway (7,500 employees), Sweden (6,500 employees) and Russia (3,500 employees).
– 40 000 shareholders
– Operations in more than 40 countries
– NOK 70 billion (USD 14 billion) yearly revenue
– NOK 65 billion (USD 13 billion) market capitalization

Axellus is a new company based on three Scandinavian companies with long traditions and strong consumer brands. Since 2007, when the company was created after a merge between the Norwegian companies Peter Moller and Collett Pharma, and the Danish company Danske Droge, we have been building a leading Nordic player with high international ambitions.

Facts about Axellus:
– 400 employees
– 2 production facilities
– 75% sales in the Nordic countries, exports to more than 30 countries
– 9 home markets
– NOK 1,2 billion annual revenue



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