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Agustson A/S –NORA (Caviar and roe production)
Address: Lundahl Nielsens Vej 2, 7100 Vinding, Vejle, Denmark
TEL: +45 76 41 90 90
FAX: +45 75 85 87 28

About Us
The family owned company has since 1933 focused it’s business on fishing and production of seafood. The company headquarters are based in Stykkisholmur, Iceland were close distance to the main fishing grounds plays a key role in bringing in raw-materials for it’s production of Coldwater Shrimp and Salted fish.

In Denmark, Agustson operates 3 specialized production facilities for hot smoked trout, chilled shellfish and caviar. The company has always been recognized for it’s qualtiy, reliability and competitiveness in the seafood business.

To be a state of the art producer of chilled and frozen fish products, known for quality, reliability, and service that is considered the best.

Mission :
Based on our expertise of producing fish for over 80 years we will provide our customers with a product line that enhances profitability and long term business relationship.

We want to build up the company by reinforcing our exciting product line and acquire new opportunities that harmonies and strengthens the overall operation

Our Environment
On all levels of our production, both at sea and on land, our actions or lack of action affect the environment.
To ensure that nature is treated with the highest respect and that our production has the least effect on the environment as possible, we emphasize the following:
– Rely on self-sustaining utilization of natural resources.
– Utilize to the fullest both our raw material as well as our sources of energy.
– Reduce the volume of refuse from our production and our ships.
– Motivate the interest of our staff for environmental matters.
– Respect all rules and regulations concerning environmental issues.
– Review regularly and improve this environmental policy.

In our state of the art production plants in both Denmark and in Iceland agustson strives to be the leader in product quality and cost efficiency. Please make sure that you visit our website again soon as agustson will be introducing new products regularly.
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