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Yantai Water-Star FoodstuffYantai Water-Star Foodstuff Co., Ltd.
Address: Bajiao Industrial Park, Yantai Development Zone
Tel: 0535-6959995
Fax: 0535-6959969

Yantai Nine-star Foodstuff Co., Ltd.
Tel: 0535-6766666
Fax: 0535-6766668
Website: http://en.water-star.com.cn

Company Profile
Yantai Water-star Foodstuff Co., Ltd., founded in 2001, is an export-oriented processing enterprise which integrates raw material purchase, processing and refrigeration of aquatic products.

The factory of the company in Bajiao is located beside National Highway 206, adjacent to the Bajiao deep port to be completed. With a floor area of more than 33,000 square meters, the company is mainly engaged in the production and deep processing of squid products (squid tubes, squid rings, sliced squids, etc.) and fillets of cod, mackerel, Spanish mackerel, scad and so on, seasonings, etc. Its branch company is located at Shidao Port, the largest fishing port in North China. With a floor area of 3,600 square meters, the branch company mainly processes yellow croaker, frozen octopus, scallops abductor, scallop meat, Japanese scallop, oyster, etc. The company boasts advanced equipment of the processing workshop, exquisite processing technology, strict process flow management and internationally advanced product quality.

The company has established business relation with more than 20 countries and areas such as America, European Union, Singapore, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. It realizes an annual export amount of 60,000 tons and an annual foreign exchange amount of 60 million dollars. It has been awarded “Top-ten Foreign Exchange-earning Enterprise” by Yantai Development Zone for 3 years successively. It was awarded “Provincial Advanced Enterprise” in 2004 and “Shandong Leading Enterprise of Agriculture Industrialization” in 2005.

In January 2006, the 10,000-ton refrigeration storage jointly built by the company and Korea East Asia Logistics was put into use. The refrigeration storage is mainly engaged in the refrigeration and storage business of various frozen products. The company acquired land of 170,000 square meters in Laishan District and built Water-star Food Industrial Park. It looks forward to cooperation in deep processing of aquatic products and welcomes common development and construction with people of vision.

Under the enterprise policy of “Quality-valuing, Credit-keeping”, the company does not seek for bubble reputation but tamps the foundation, and strives to occupy the market by brand. It develops aquatic product processing industry in an effort to provide nutrient and healthy food for people all over the world. The company earnestly looks forward to communication with you and deepening mutual understanding, strengthening friendship, expanding cooperation and marching forward hand in hand so as to create a bright future.

Products list
Squid Tube with Head
Squid Tube
Whole Squid
Squid Ring
Squid Roll
Seasoned Squid Ring
Cut Half Kebab
Whole Squid Kebab
Squid Head Kebab



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