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Yantai Chengsen International Trade Co. Ltd.
Address: 1010 Sanshui Intenational Commercial Building,NO. 75, Beima RD,Yantai City,Shandong Province,China
Tel: +86-535-6648819
Fax: +86-535-6648819
E-mail: info@yt-chengsen.com
Website: http://www.yt-chengsen.com

Company Introduction
YANTAI CHENGSEN INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO.,LTD. is located in Shandong Yantai, which is one of the most beautiful coastal cities opening to oversea world. We are approved of import and export by China’s Foreign Economic Trade Department. We are a trustworthy multinational trading company which is specialized in international import and export products and investing service.

During the foundment and development, we apply the advanced and professional service principle to international trade. Our company highly adopts the business concept of “Best service, clients first, and business honest”; we also always insist the management policy of “Human-Oriented and pursuing truth and innovation “. Furthermore, we are trying our best to make the business concept and management policy become perfect through learning and experience. We are an experienced international trade company, mainly supplying and processing ultra low temperature tuna and IQF squid. Recently we have extended our export business to the other lines, such as other seafood, and vegetables. We have great confidence that we will do better and better in the future.

You’ll be satisfied because of our hard-working and honesty. We would like to provide excellent service for you any time. Please contact us if you need any help. We are looking forward to your support and cooperation.

Product Range

Our raw material of ultra-low temperature tuna mainly comes from the deep-sea of Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Ocean. The processing and stocking degree is -60℃, and such ultra- low temperature freezing can keep tuna in good nutrition, flavor and freshness for a long time. Therefore, customers from all over the world will have the opportunity to enjoy delicious seafood at all times.

On the sea, we own the powerful long-range fishing fleet; On the land, we own the largest -60℃ ultra-low temperature tuna storage and manufacturer in China; In technology, we have our own professional Japanese experts and selling teams who are skillful in the selection,separation and processing of ultra- low temperature tuna. We welcome the seafood operator from all over the world to exchange, enlarge and explore -60℃ ultra-low temperature tuna market. Our principle: Focus on the market and do for the market; then create the best future for ultra-low temperature tuna.

40kg+ Big Eye Tuna GG
Big Eye Tuna G&G
Tuna Loin
Tuna Block
Tuna Saku
Tuna Steak
-60 Temperature Store

Equipped with seasoned fishing fleet, sufficient inventory of raw material, experienced production control expertise, six workshops for squid quick-freezing and two for breaded products, we are able to make sure sustainable supply for global clients all the year around. Because of our creditable management, reasonable price, quality assurance and professional service, more and more customers choose to establish long-term business relationship with us.

Our factories have HACCP,ISO,EU,FDA,CFIA,DIPOA,BRC,RUSSIAN,ect. Our products mainly exported to all European countries,some Southeast Asia countries, U.S.A、Canada,Russia, Egypt,Algeria,Australia,Japan ,Korea and other countries.

Our main products include:
Species: Illex argentinus,Todarodes pacificus, Ommastrephes bartrami, Nototodarus sloanii, Dosidicus gigas,Loligo Chinese,

Squid tubes: U3,U5,U7,U10,U15,U20. IQF or BQF; cleaned; first ring on/off; tip on/off; boneless,skinless,wing off;50%,60%,70%,80%,90%,100% Net Weight ; packing based on your request.

Squid rings: clean up,2-5/5-8cm diameter,1-1.5cm width, IQF.

Squid T&T: 3-5″,5-8″packing based on your request

Other specification and packing details based on your requirement.
IQF Todarodes Pacificus Tube
IQF Todarodes Pacificus Ring
IQF Todarodes Pacificus Carving
IQF Illex Argentinus Tube
IQF Illex Argentinus Ring
IQF Illex Argentinus Carving
IQF Ommastrephes Bartrami Tube
IQF Ommastrephes Bartrami Ring
IQF Ommastrephes Bartrami Fillet
Nototodarus Sloanii Squid Tube
Nototodarus Sloanii Squid Ring
Ommastrphes Bartrami Steak
Dosidicus Gigas Squid Tube
Dosidicus Gigas Squid Ring
Dosidicus Gigas Squid Carving
Dosidicus Gigas Squid Roll
Dosidicus Gigas Squid Roll Cut
Dosidicus Gigas Squid Steak wr
Dosidicus Gigas Squid Steak Rs
Dosidicus Gigas Squid Strip
Dosidicus gigas squid cube
Frozen Squid Tube&Tentacle
Frozen Squid Ring&Tentacle
Frozen Baby Squid
Frozen Squid Raw Material
Frozen Squid Tentacle
Frozen Squid Wing

We Yantai Chengsen International Trade Co Ltd, with pursuit of satisfying our esteem clients with perfect service, expand our seafood fields in order to meet close customer’s increasing demand, adding some other superior items to our list, such as Alaska Pollock, Pacific Cod, Salmon, Scallop, Marine rainbow, etc. Welcome to join us and hope we can do some business together to create a more comprehensive distribution sales network.

IQF Alaska Pollock Fillet
IQF Alaska Pollock Fillet
IQF Yellow Fin Sole Fillet
Frozen Salmon Loin
Frozen Tilapia Fillet
Frozen Spanish Mackerel Fillet
IQF Red Shrimp
IQF Scallop
IQF Mussel meat
IQF Seafood Mixed
Fried Squid Ring
Breaded Squid strip



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