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Yantai Acme Seafood Co.,Ltd 烟台万美食品有限公司
地址address: 烟台大海阳155号三水大厦6-1406 ,Sanshui 6-1406 Dahaiyang Road No.155,Yantai ,China
电话tel: 0086-535-6677537
传真fax: 0086-535-6677535

门店电话domestic sale tel: 0086-535-2960767

地址address:海中宝A1-36(幸福南路东首),Haizhongbao A1-36(Xingfu road the east end)
邮箱E-mail: Tony@acmeseafood.cn
Website: http://www.acmeseafood.cn

About Us
Yantai Acme Seafood Co.,Ltd is a seafood processing,importing&exporting enterprise with FDA&EU approval No.,It was established in 1998 being with rich experience for seafood processing and trading, our factory has the advanced processing room and equipment, and strictly managed by HACCP and EU regulation;the exported product include squid tube and ring,white fish fillet like pollock and cod,dried salted and light salted fish,chum salmon,loligo Chinese and bay scallop etc. we have built a good business relationship with the customer from Europe,USA and Mid east.

Top quality and high efficiency are the ethics of Acme seafood, for the mutual benefit and equal development, We desire to strengthen the cooperation and enhance the friendship with the customers from all over the world.

公司从1998年开始做出口水产品业务,同时注重国内水产品市场的开发,国内主要以销售进口水产品为主,例如北美野生干海参、阿根廷红虾、加拿大龙虾、北海道夏夷贝、进口野生大虾仁、鲽鱼等,以及胶东刺参、干鲍鱼、干海米等国内优质水产。 公司以产品质量第一、服务至上的理念,永远以食品安全为己任,保证为消费者持续提供健康、绿色、营养的海洋食品。

出口海产品 Product For Export
Squid tube, cleaned, IQF, BLOCK or INTERLEAVED, U5, U10, U20.
IQF PUD Shrimp, 30/50/, 40/60, 50/70, 60/80, 70/100, 100/200, 200/300/LB
Salmon fillet, skinless or skin on, 13color up or less.
IQF Light Salted Atlantic Cod Fillet, 2%Salt, Skin on, Chem Free.
IQF Bay Scallop, 40/60/lb,60/80,80/100, 100/120 and Scallop with roe, 10/20/kg, 20/30/kg.
IQF or Block Frozen Alaska Pollock fillet, skinless, boneless, 2/4oz, 4/6oz, 6/8oz, 8oz up.
Loligo Chinesis Ring or T&T, 2.5LBS/Tray, 3/5Inch or 5/8.
Dried salted fish Pollock and pacific cod, butter fly and migas, 46-48%moisture.

进口和内销产品 product for domestic
– 纯干北美刺参
– 发制好的北美刺参
– 淡干胶东刺参
– 干鲍鱼
– 干海米
– 干海虾
– 干扇贝
– 干鱼片
– 即食海参
– 腌渍海参
– 即食真空鲍鱼
– 南美红虾
– 草虾
– 野生虎虾
– 龙虾
– 去头虾
– 夏威夷扇贝肉
– 南美野生大虾仁
– 北极贝
– 大西洋海螺肉



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