Wood Fisheries Pty Ltd



Managing Director: Mr A.K. (Sandy) Wood-Meredith
Company Address: P.O. Box 185, Mooloolaba, Queensland, 4557, AUSTRALIA
Telephone: +61 411 236 288
E-mail: woodfisheries@bigpond.com

Company Profile
Established in 1978 by Mr A.K. (Sandy) Wood-Meredith, Wood Fisheries has become a strong and vibrant company in the fish and prawn industry in Australia.

By listening to our customers, we have now changed the focus and culture of our organisation from a typical fishing operation, to one which now deals directly with customers, sets product specifications and modifies processing and packaging to suit the needs of each customer.

In June, 1996, Wood Fisheries Pty Ltd, became Australia’s first seafood operation certified to ISO 9002.

A dedication to the consistent and reliable supply of premium quality product has led to Wood Fisheries’ local and international reputation as a specialist in the supply of fresh frozen stout whiting and prawns, as well as other popular fish species.

We work with our customers to provide a quality product for specific needs, frozen and packed at sea on board our custom built trawlers.

Our Company supplies premium quality seafood, processed and packed to our customers specifications

Eastern King Prawn – Penaeus plebejus
Caught exclusively in south east Australian waters, this species is considered the most popular of all King Prawns.
Packed by 2kg or bulk pack.  Size 12-125 grams.

Giant Scarlet Prawn – Plesiopenaeus edwardsianas
Caught exclusively by Wood Fisheries in south east Queensland waters at depths of 800 metres, this magnificent prawn is highly sought after by European markets.
Packed by 2kg x 12kg master.  Size 12-200 grams

Red Prawn – Aristeomorpha foliacea
Again caught exclusively by Wood Fisheries in south east Queensland waters, this is another deep water prawn with a softer shell than the Scarlet.
Packed by 2kg x 12kg master.  Size 12-50 grams.

Royal Red Prawn – Haliporoides sibogae
Caught in south east Australian waters and is excellent peeled for frying.
Packed in headed form and 2kg x 12kg master.
Tail size average 12 grams.

Stout Whiting – Sillago robusta
Found only in south east Queensland waters, this delicious fish is processed in Asia primarily for the Kisu Hiraki (Tempura) market in Japan.
Packed and frozen at sea by Wood Fisheries.  Size 20 – 150 grams.



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