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Westmorland Fisheries Ltd
Address: 64 Gautreau Street, Cap-Pelé, NB Canada E4N 1V3
Phone: +1 506-577-4325
Fax: +1 506-577-6318
Email: info@westmorlandfisheries.ca
Website: http://www.westmorlandfisheries.ca

Quality Assured!
Harvested fresh daily, we capture the best in quality lobster and crab products for our customers.  A worldwide phenomenon and Atlantic Canada’s expert leader in lobster transformation and international exportation, Westmorland Fisheries Ltd is proud to say that we have been providing the best this seafood industry has to offer for 40 years and counting.

Where Quality meets Perfection…
Created in 1973 by president Edgar Cormier, expert in management and marketing, a new partner was welcomed; Yvon Gaudet, who brought his knowledge in seafood transformation and sales. Since the mid 1970’s, the expansion has been consistent.  With over 60,000 sq ft now available in our plant and 300 plus production staff, the capacity of production is perfectly adaptable to customers needs.

In 2010 Russel Jacob became the new president and owner of Westmorland Fisheries Ltd.  It has been and continues to be his mandate to provide the best quality products to our customers. qa

Quality Control
Westmorland Fisheries | Quality ControlOur processing plant includes a state-of-the-art Quality Control Laboratory and ensures our ability to provide  you with superior quality seafood products.
Westmorland Fisheries is SQF 2000 certified and has been since 2011.  We are proud to share this certification with you because it assures our customers that the seafood produced in our plant has been processed and handled according to the highest standards.

From the ocean to our boats and from our plant to our customers, our staff is continually trained and monitored to ensure procedures are followed and respected.  Quality control tests are conducted every step of the way so we know you are getting the quality you are looking for.

– Lobster Meat
– Popsicles
– Lobster Claws & Arms Cap-Off
– Raw Tails
– Split
– Lobster Netted
– Scallop
– Fresh Live Lobster
– Crab Meat
– Lobster Bi-Products



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