Vikomar AS



Vikomar AS
Address: Skjæret 6430 Bud Møre og Romsdal

Kristofer Reiten – CEO President
Telephone: +47 71 26 61 10
Cellphone: + 47 48 26 54 10

Lena Myren – Economy/administration
Telephone: +47 712 66 100
Cellphone: +47 915 12 760

Frode Nyland – Production Manager
Telephone: +47 71 26 61 00
Cellphone: +47 48 26 54 13

Line Skov Pettersen – Quality Control Manager
Telephone: +47 71 17 10 00
Cellphone: +47 992 38 578

About us
Vikomar is a modern fish processing company specializing in the distribution and freezing of pelagic fish. The factory is located a short distance from the fishing grounds in the wide open ocean between Ålesund and Kristiansund. Our main products are frozen and filleted products such as herring, mackerel, horse mackerel and capelin. We recieve more than 45 000 tons of fish a year, which is processed and sent to clients all over the world.

We make our living from refining fish from healthy and viable fish stocks. Our business is approved by Marine Stewardchip Council MSC. All of our products come from approved fishing quota from viable fish tribes. We take pride in refining the best fish from the Northern Atlantic into quality food products which are distributed to consumers all over the world. Our production is is controlled with the HAACP system, to ensure the safety of Vikomar products. Byproducts from our fillet production are sold to herring meal factories, and they end up as salmon fodder. We deliver appr. 10 000 metric tons of byproducts a year.

Our products are never better than the raw materials we recieve. The fishermen’s equipment in the North East Atlantic and the North Sea have improved through the last 20 years. They have also steadily learnt methods to deliver the best quality possible. Most of our fish is delivered by Norwegian purse seine boats and trawlers from Ireland and Scotland.

Through experience, we try to select the boats we know are among the best.

– Sei
– Silver smelt
– Sild
– Lodde
– Makrell
– Hestmakrell


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