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Tri Marine Management Company, LLC

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N. America: (425) 688-1288
Asia: (65) 6261-0663
Latin America: (507) 269-6170
Europe: (39) (0523) 322245/6

Address: 10500 N.E. 8th Street, Suite 1888, Bellevue, WA, 98004 USA
Emergency Fleet Contact: (425) 753-3484 or (684) 770-1771

Office: (425) 688-1288
Fax: (425) 688-1388

Steve Farno
Tel: (425) 688-1288
Fax: (425) 688-1388

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Tel: (425) 688-1288
Fax: (425) 688-1388

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Tri Marine offers industry best practices, combining expertise, resources and experience in a worldwide network that spans the breadth of the industry.

Tri Marine partners with the world’s leading brands. Whether it is end-to-end supply chain managment, logistics or products, Tri Marine has solutions for your brand.

Processing Plants
Tri Marine is a major supplier of tuna raw material to the tuna industry from the Western and Central Pacific, the Eastern Tropical Pacific, the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Tri Marine supplies tuna raw material to its owned and contract processing plants as well as to independent plants. Learn More

Fishing Boat Owners
Tri Marine is a fishing boat owner and operator who understands the level and quality of service and support needed by boats to maximize efficiency and the financial return on the investment in fishing assets. Tri Marine buys tuna from contract and independent boats for sale on the global market.

We have specific interest in working cooperatively with governments, scientists, industry associations, NGO’s and regulatory authorities to make sure that the world’s tuna resources are being properly managed for long term sustainability.

Reefer Carriers
Tri Marine charters reefer carriers to meet transshipment needs of its fleet of affiliated and contract fishing boats. These cargo vessels are modern and well maintained with all certificates and approvals necessary for calling at ports with the most severe regulations and safety standards.

The number of vessels in Tri Marine’s fleet of refrigerated carriers varies with fishing conditions. During periods of good fishing, the fleet expands in support of Tri Marine’s owned and contracted fishing fleets. Under normal conditions Tri Marine operates 10 to12 refrigerated carriers in the Western and Central Pacific and the Indian Oceans. Some of these vessels are designed to carry extra fuel for delivery to fishing vessels.

The carriers call at ports near fishing grounds where they rendezvous with Tri Marine’s affiliated and contract fishing vessels for transshipment. The fishing boats transfer their frozen catch of tuna to the refrigerated carriers under the supervision of Tri Marine representatives, who verify the species and size breakdown of the catch. Once loaded, the carriers deliver their frozen cargoes of tuna to tuna processing plants around the world.

Kai Cheng    
Frio Canarias
Tai Sheng

Tri Marine is foremost a tuna supply company — from fishing to processing to delivery — worldwide. Our coordinated activities provide a reliable and economical supply of tuna raw material and tuna products to the major tuna brands.

Our product line includes:
Raw Material light meat
light meat – (yellowfin, skipjack)
Cooked Loins wrapped tuna loins
skipjack and yellowfin – single and double-cleaned
Finished Product tuna canning
finished product – delivered as specificied by brand
Wetfish catch of sardines
sardines, squid and mackerel



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