Trang Seafood Products Public Co., Ltd.



Trang Seafood Products Public Co., Ltd
Address: 29, Moo 6, Kantang Road, Trang,.92000. Thailand.
Telephone: (+66) 75-582134-136
Fax: (+66) 75-582144

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Domestic & Export Sales Division
Telephone: (+66) 75-582134-136 ต่อ 105,108
Purchasing Division Email:
Request for General Information Email:

History and Developments
Trang Seafood Products Public Company Limited was established by a group of people from variety field of business, Aquaculture, Fishermen, Investor, and management team with a high experience in Frozen Seafood Industry and Cold Storage. Company was registered on March 9, 1989 with the Registered Capital of 10 Million Baht. Our Mission is to manufacture and Export Froze Seafood products, on the other hand, create career opportunity and also strengthen economy locally and nationally

News & Information
For the purpose of transparency and equal rights for all shareholders of Trang Seafood Products Public Company Limited (TRS) there has been an opportunity provided for shareholder to propose issues to be included in the agenda for the “Annual General Shareholders Meeting”. Furthermore, there has been an opportunity for shareholders to propose potential candidates as directors of the company.The opportunity for propositions is open until January 31, 2008

Smoke Salmon Sliced
Salmon E-Trim Fillet
Frozen Sliced Salmon
Frozen Salmon Harasu
Frozen Trout Salmon Kirimi
Frozen Smoke Atlantic Salmon Sliced
Frozen Roasted Trout Salmon
Frozen Roasted Salmon Flake Meat
Sliced Salmon Tataki
Mamakari Vinegar (Super Sweet)
Mamakari Vinegar (Normal)
Frozen Kisu Sliced (Fillet Skinless)
Frozen Kisu Hiraki
Frozen Roasted Saba Mirin
Frozen Roasted Saba


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