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Tony’s Tuna International
Office: 12 Pine Freezers Road, Port Lincoln 5606, South Australia, AUSTRALIA
Post : PO Box 1196, Port Lincoln 5606, South Australia, AUSTRALIA
Telephone: +61 8 8682 2266
Fax: +61 8 8683 0646

Chief Executive Office
Tony Santic: Email:

General Manager
Andrew Wilkinson: Email:

Farm Manager
Tony Octoman: Email:

Financial Controller
Brett Ramsey: Email:

Operations Manager
Mick Dyer: Email:

Administration Manager
Donna Feltus: Email:

Tony’s Tuna International is committed to the long-term sustainability of Southern Bluefin Tuna in our oceans.

We pride ourselves on fishing responsibly, strictly adhering to quotas and providing full traceability of all Southern Bluefin Tuna to ensure the ongoing supply of this beautiful, majestic and delicious species of fish for future generations to come.

About Us :

About Tony’s Tuna International
Tony Santic, a pioneer in Australia’s Tuna industry, established Tony’s Tuna International Pty Ltd in 1994. A tuna fisherman since 1970 Tony started ranching tuna in 1992. Currently the second largest Southern Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus Maccoyii and Minami Maguro) ranch in Australia, Tony’s Tuna International is also the only operator with the ability to control the entire process; that is ranching, feeding, catching, processing and freezing its product without external contractors. This control enables us to achieve our mission of delivering a consistent, high quality, sashimi grade product all year round.

Thousands of miles from any large populated areas, the Southern Ocean is reported to be one of the cleanest in the world. Port Lincoln was chosen because of its excellent waters, closeness to fishing grounds, protection from extreme weather, and availability of fresh local sardines (pilchards) – the preferred feed of Southern Bluefin Tuna.

The Southern Bluefin Tuna are caught between December and March each year whilst on their migratory path from the Java Sea. By the time the fish arrive at our fishing grounds they have swum over 3,000 kilometers, which means Tony’s Tuna International are catching the healthiest specimens. Rounded up by purse seine method, the fish are towed back to approved farming sites off Port Lincoln in specially designed towing pontoons.

Back at the ranch the tuna are fed every day a diet of various fish species including mackerel, red bait, and locally caught sardines. The locally caught sardines are caught during the night and transferred to feeding bins so that they can be fed fresh directly to the tuna the next morning. The freshness and high protein levels in this fish are particularly good for the tuna’s growth and condition.

All bait must meet the strict Quarantine Health and Sanitary requirements imposed by Australian Government and Industry. Tony’s Tuna International regularly have bait independently tested to ensure it meets all regulatory requirements and our own specifications.


Fresh and Frozen Southern Bluefin Tuna
Tony’s Tuna International, catches, ranches, and processes fresh and ultra low temperature frozen southern Bluefin tuna without requiring external contractors or assistance. Managing the entire process continues to allow flexibility in the type and style of products Tony’s Tuna International can produce. As a result we have always been able to meet the various product specification required by our customers.

Fresh Southern Bluefin Tuna
Located on the shores of Port Lincoln in close proximity to the ranch pens means Tony’s Tuna is the freshest and the best. Harvested on demand, the fish are delivered to the shore for processing within an hour of being caught. Our harvest technique reduces stress on both the tuna caught and those remaining in the pen,

Fresh Products
– Fresh processed Gilled and Gutted(Head on or Head off)
– Fresh processed in fillets or loins resulting in a better flavour, texture and freshness all round.

Frozen Southern Bluefin Tuna
Tony’s Tuna ultra low freezing facility is the only -65°C self contained facility in the Southern Hemisphere for the freezing of Southern Bluefin tuna. Most SBT is frozen to -55°C, whereas research has proven that the colder freezer will allow the fish to keep high quality for longer periods. Our freezing of 10-12 hours to reach a fish core temperature of -65°C has shown to be ideal for the quality of continued freshness of the fish, as demonstrated when the tuna is defrosted.

Frozen Products
– Frozen processed Gilled and Gutted (Head on or Head off)
– Frozen processed in fillets or loins
– Further frozen processing can be arranged, either at Port Lincoln, or in Japan.



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