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Address: 80 Tiverton Court, Markham, Ontario, L3R 5B7, Canada
Toll free : 1-877-893-9880, and talk to our Consumer Response representative, Sandy Kennedy.

About Us

The History of the Clover Leaf
Clover Leaf can trace its roots as far back as 1871 when the very first and only cannery on the Fraser River in British Columbia was operating.

Since then, Clover Leaf has become a well loved brand of an entire family of canned seafood products that can be found in the majority of Canadian households’ pantries: tuna, salmon, oysters, mussels, clams, shrimp, crab, lobster, sardines, surimi – and the list goes on. Our reputation has been built on quality and trust, and we work very hard to maintain that trust by bringing you the very best every day.

Today, we are the leading branded marketer of canned seafood in Canada, with a 46.5% share of the Canadian canned seafood market. (Source: Nielsen, All Channel $ share, 52 weeks to January 14, 2012).

Our head office is located in Markham, Ontario – just north of Toronto. We have additional sales offices located in Calgary, AB and Montreal, PQ, and our Human Resources department is located in Saint John, NB. Canada wide, we’re here to stay!

Clover Leaf Seafoods Company is a wholly owned subsidiary operating company of Connors Bros., L.P. Connors Bros. is North America’s leading supplier of shelf-stable seafood and one of the world’s top 10 branded seafood companies, producing and marketing shelf-stable seafood products under the Clover Leaf, Brunswick, Bumble Bee, Snow’s, Beach Cliff, King Oscar and Sweet Sue brands.

Our Vision. Our Mission.

Clover Leaf Seafoods Vision:
Improve our consumers’ quality of life by providing sustainable, nutritious, convenient and affordable seafood products.

All of us at Clover Leaf, are committed to providing top quality seafood products that are sustainably caught. We offer interesting recipes and tips for delicious and healthy meals and snacks to make it easy to consume the two servings of fish Health Canada advises us all to eat weekly. Our innovations are focused on bringing you new products that are unique, easy to use and provide good value for the quality that goes into our products. “Quality and taste every time” is more than a slogan for us, we’ve built our reputation on it.

So how do we intend to accomplish our vision?
– Lead the sustainable management of our precious aquatic resources and continuously improve the environmental performance of our global operations.
– Provide high quality, nutritious, innovative and convenient seafood products at affordable prices.
– Grow consumption by raising consumer awareness of our brands and the health, nutrition, convenience and affordability of our products.
– Drive our low cost operator position through strict cost control, process innovation and technological advancement.
– Most of all, be a Company that Consumers admire, Customers respect and Employees love to work for.

“Quality and taste every time” is not just Clover Leaf’s mantra – it’s our commitment to you. Clover Leaf has a wide variety of canned seafood products, and although canning and cooking methods vary from one product to another, they must all pass strict quality control measures before they earn the privilege of wearing the Clover Leaf label.

You can expect great looking, great tasting products – can after can after can. That’s because our Quality Assurance team tests samples from every single production batch and grades them to make sure they meet the industry leading standards we have set for our products. Only on their approval does the product get shipped to the warehouse, the marketplace, and your table. And routine audits performed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) confirm this high level of product safety and quality, year after year.

An integral component of Clover Leaf’s Quality Assurance is our intensive supplier and product assessment program. Clover Leaf will only source product from manufacturing facilities that meet or exceed Canadian government regulations. In fact, Clover Leaf is the only marketer of canned seafood products in Canada that has full time quality assurance and procurement staff in South East Asia where the majority of tuna and specialty products are sourced, leading to greater assurance of product quality and safety.

All manufacturing facilities supplying Clover Leaf products must be operating under internationally recognized Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) food safety principles. Further, all facilities are routinely put through a rigorous inspection to ensure that they are continuing to measure up to our standards. If not, the facility is no longer permitted to supply products that will bear the Clover Leaf name.

Achieving the desired results is accomplished by utilizing the expertise of Clover Leaf’s Technical Services and Quality Assurance departments. This team is comprised of:
– Thermal process specialists
– Food scientists
– Certified sensory graders
– Process engineers
– Packaging specialists
– HACCP trained Auditors

The combination of industry experience, science based quality assurance systems, and inspection throughout the life cycle of our products is your guarantee of the safety and high quality you’ve come to expect from a brand leader like Clover Leaf!


Solid White Tuna, Albacore in Water
Low Sodium Solid White Tuna, Albacore in Water
Solid White Tuna, Albacore in Broth and Oil
Flaked White Tuna, Albacore in Water
Chunk White Tuna, Albacore in Water
Chunk Light Tuna, Yellowfin in Water
Chunk Light Tuna, Yellowfin in Broth and Oil
Solid Light Tuna – In Olive Oil
Chunk Light Tuna, Skipjack in Water
Flaked Light Tuna, Skipjack in Water
Low Sodium Flaked Light Tuna, Skipjack in Water
Rip ‘n Ready Pouch ™ Tuna – Yellowfin
Rip ‘n Ready Pouch ™ Tuna – Yellowfin

Flavoured Tuna
Flaked Light Tuna – Spicy Thai Chili
Flaked Light Tuna – Lemon & Pepper
Flaked Light Tuna – Sundried Tomato & Basil
Flaked Light Tuna – Tomato & Onion
Flaked Light Tuna – Dill & Lemon
Flaked Light Tuna – Garlic and Hot Pepper
Flaked Light Tuna – Spicy Peanut Satay
Gourmet Chunk White Tuna – JALAPEÑO in Olive Oil
Gourmet Chunk White Tuna – CHIPOTLE in Olive Oil
Gourmet Chunk White Tuna – SUNDRIED TOMATO in Olive Oil

Tuna Snacks
Tuna Snacks – Classic
Tuna Snacks – Spicy Thai Chili
Tuna Snacks – Lemon & Pepper
Tuna Snacks – Rosemary & Sundried Tomato

Sockeye Salmon
Low Sodium Sockeye Salmon
Low Sodium Sockeye Salmon
Skinless Boneless Sockeye Salmon
Skinless Boneless Sockeye Salmon
Pink Salmon
Pink Salmon
Low Sodium Pink Salmon
Low Sodium Pink Salmon
Skinless Boneless Pink Salmon
Skinless Boneless Pink Salmon
Skinless Boneless Atlantic Salmon
Salmon Salad with Light Dressing
Salmon Salad with Light Dressing

Brisling Sardines in Olive Oil
Brisling Sardines – Mediterranean
Brisling Sardines – Mediterranean
Skinless Boneless Sardines in Sunflower Oil
Skinless Boneless Sardines in Sunflower Oil
Kippered Fillets
Kippered Fillets

Smoked Oysters
Whole Pacific Oysters
Whole Pacific Oysters
Smoked Oysters with Spicy Chili
Smoked Oysters with Spicy Chili

Whole Baby Clams
Chopped Ocean Clams

Smoked Mussels

Cocktail Shrimp
Small Shrimp
Medium Shrimp
Medium Shrimp

Chunk Crabmeat
Crabmeat with 15% Leg meat
Crabmeat with 15% Leg meat

Refrigerated Seafood
Crab Delectables™, Flake Style
Crab Delectables™, Leg Style
Lobster Delectables™, Flake Style



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