Tan Viet Smallgoods Pty Ltd



Tan Viet Smallgoods Pty Ltd
Address: 3328 Barry Rd, Chipping Norton, NSW 2170
Office Number (02) 9755 1349
Fax (02) 9755 3523
Email info@tanviet.com.au
Website: http://www.tanviet.com.au

Tan Viet Small Goods is a privately owned small family business operating in south-west region of Sydney, Australia.

Tan Viet Small Goods Pty Ltd was established in October 2008 after taking over an existing business with an experience and history of more than 15 years in small goods manufacturing.

We are predominantly a wholesale meat and fish food processing manufacture that produces a range of cold ready-to-eat products (pork-ham rolls) as well as dried ready-to-eat products (jerky).

Tan Viet Smallgoods Pty Ltd holds a current export licence for our dried ready-to-eat product range and can export to Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Canada.

We are currently exporting our jerky products to Japan, and also looking for more opportunities to expand into other south-east Asian countries, including South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore.

We produce Beef, Kangaroo, Crocodile and Emu jerky. We have two different tastes of jerky – Teriyaki and Spicy. We are opened to suggestions to other flavours of jerky to cater our clients and customers if asked.

The staff at Tan Viet Smallgoods Pty Ltd care about the quality and safety of our products and currently have HACCP approved programs for all our products. We are also regularly audited by AQIS Meat, AQIS Fish and NSW Food Authorities every quarter and semi-annually.



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