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National Support Services
Address: 100-130 Abbotts Road, DANDENONG SOUTH  VIC  3175
Phone: 03 8795 9999
Fax: 03 8795 9913
Website: http://www.swirecoldstorage.com.au

National Accounts
Address: P.O. Box 4484, DANDENONG SOUTH BC VIC 3164
Phone: 03 8795 9930
Fax: 03 8795 9953

Accounts Payable
Email: payables@swirecoldstorage.com.au

Accounts Receivable
Email: receivables@swirecoldstorage.com.au

About Swire Cold Storage
Swire Cold Storage is a leading Australian provider of cold-chain logistics services and supply chain solutions, offering temperature-controlled warehousing, refrigerated transport and distribution services to a broad range of businesses.

Operating a network of temperature-controlled facilities across Australia, the company’s facilities total in excess of 68 million cubic feet, or 300,000 pallet spaces of refrigerated storage, ranging from fully automated high-rise stores to traditional manual facilities utilising advanced integrated warehouse and transport technologies. Swire Cold Storage supports these facilities with a modern fleet of refrigerated vehicles and trailers operating under the Frigmobile and Cold Chain Logistics brands.

Swire Cold Storage customers and partners include leading Australian and international food producers, distributors and retailers as well as export bulk commodity clients and beverage and pharmaceutical products. In order to accommodate the range of requirements and services to support varied supply chain needs, Swire Cold Storage can offer services ranging from automated blast freezing and sortation, chilled and frozen storage, cross-dock order picking, value added logistic services, consolidation and import/export management programmes and partner dedicated tailored facilities.

Polar Fresh Cold Chain Logistics is a joint venture between Swire Cold Storage and Costa Logistics. Polar Fresh was formed to combine the knowledge, expertise and corporate resources of both companies to provide the food and related industries with strong, credible and dedicated support in its supply chain transformation initiatives across the eastern seaboard.

Warehousing / Storage
Swire Cold Storage operates a network of 15 temperature controlled facilities spanning every state in Australia. These comprise 313,000 pallet spaces totalling 68 million cubic feet.

The company’s warehousing services include:
– Chilled and frozen warehousing
– Blast freezing
– Order picking
– Container loading and unloading
– Re-labeling
– Room rental
– Handling of import/export foods with AQIS /Quarantine registration
– Consolidation centres for 7-day convenience store operations.

Swire Cold Storage has the flexibility to tailor solutions to the needs of individual clients. Facilities owned and operated by the company include:
– Traditional forklift operated facilities, five, six, seven and nine pallets high with various racking configurations
– Retail distribution centres
– Purpose built facilities interconnecting with customer processing facilities
– Automated high rise stores
– Temperature controlled open consolidation areas for cross docking and flow through processes
– Open stowage / bulk storage rooms
– CLS (carton live storage) racking for inners & small volume picking.

Specialist capabilities
While food products account for a significant part of the company’s business, Swire Cold Storage has extensive ongoing experience in servicing other temperature sensitive products, including pharmaceuticals, medical products, mining samples and horticultural products.



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