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Sirena Salmon Co. A/S
Address: Hobrovej 85, PO Box 116, DK-9530 Stoevring, Denmark
Telephone: +45 98 37 48 00
Fax: +45 98 37 48 44

Salmon is our business
Sirena Salmon Co. A/S is one of the leading salmon exporters in Scandinavia. Through the Sirena Network we export more than 15,000 tonnes of fresh and frozen salmon, trout and value-added products like fillets, portions, blocks, bellies etc.

We guarantee direct and regular supplies handled professionally.

About Sirena Salmon
Fresh and frozen salmon from all over the world

Since Sirena Salmon Co. A/S was formed on 1st July 1992 it has built up a strong position within the sale of fresh and frozen salmon and trout. Today Sirena Salmon Co. A/S is one of the leading salmon and trout suppliers in Scandinavia. We are your partner for salmon and trout. Therefore, please contact our key personnel who will provide you with all the information you may need about prices, quality, availability etc.

Direct and regular supplies
We deliver high quality and service to our partners, and there is no doubt that our rapid expansion is due to stable business relations with many salmon farmers in Norway as well as in South America. Our suppliers know we have a professional organisation which is prepared to take quick decisions day and night.
The world is our home market

Through our office in Norway – Sirena Norway AS – we handle the sale and purchase of Norwegian salmon and trout. From the head office in Aalborg, Denmark, we handle the sale of salmon and trout of other origins such as: Chile, Faroe Islands, Canada, Alaska, Denmark etc.

Fresh Salmon and Trout

Atlantic salmon – (Salmo salar)
Origin: Norway • Faroe Islands

Trout – (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
Origin: Norway • Denmark • Faroe Islands

Frozen Salmon and Trout

Atlantic salmon – (Salmo salar)
Origin: Norway • Chile • Faroe island

Trout – (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
Origin: Norway • Denmark • Chile

Pacific salmon – (Oncorhynchus)
Origin: Alaska • Canada • Chile

Value-added Salmon products
Fillets • Portions • Blocks • Salmon Bellies



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