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Sin Hai Lee Fishery
Address: 129, Jalan Besar Bagan 45400 Sekinchan, Selangor, Malaysia
Office: +60(3) 3241 1237 , +60(3) 3241 2688
Mobile: +6016 668 2255 , +6019 663 3043

Our Company
SHL is founded by Lee Kim Teng in 1989. He was a fisherman since school-age and worked in the sea for almost 10 years. Despite the rough sea and hard work, he never gives up but decided to set up a company from scratch. The company is registered as SIN HAI LEE Fishery and started with a wooden platform on the coast of fishing village – Sekinchan.

Throughout the years, he drives the company with passion, dedication and extensive industry knowledge. His efforts gradually paid off and a factory building was successfully erected in 1999. Thereafter, the business is expanded from local to nationwide, and now worldwide.

More importantly, we consistently provide high quality seafood and understand the customer needs that keep us going forward. This tradition of excellence continues today. SHL is built on the principles of making quality products and providing reliable service. Our diversified product range continues to grow by following trends, improving our standard products, and listening to the customer. Our unique service has established our place in this industry. This allows us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our clients.

Our Products

Information about our products can be found below, but are not limited to:

Fresh Seafood (冰鲜海产)
Grouper, Grapu (石斑鱼) – 400grams to 15kg (400克至15公斤)
Red Snapper, Jenahak (红枣鱼) – 300grams to 6kg (300克至6公斤)
White Pomfret, Bawal Putih (白鲳鱼) – 100 to 300 grams (100克至300克)
Chinese Pomfret, Bawal Putih (斗鲳鱼) – 300grams to 1.2kg (300克至1.2公斤)
White Bream, Gerut Putih ( 白枣鱼) – 300grams to 1.2kg (300克至1.2公斤)
Threadfin, Senangin (马友鱼) – 100grams to 1.5kg (100克至1.5公斤)
Threadfin, Senohong (顺风鱼) – 800grams to 6kg (800克至6公斤)
Spanish Mackerel, Tenggiri Batang (大竹加) – 1.8kg to 6kg (1.8至6公斤)
Black Pomfret, Bawal Hitam (黑鲳鱼) – 200 to 800 grams (200至800克)
Stingray,  Ikan Pari (方鱼) – 800grams to 5kg (800克至5公斤)
Squid, Sotong (苏东) – 6/UP inch (6寸以上)
Blue Swimming Crab, Ketam Bunga (花蟹) – 200/UP grams (200克以上)
White Prawn, Udang Besar (明虾) –  All size

Frozen Seafood (冷冻海产)
Frozen White Prawn (速冻明虾) – 8/12,13/15,16/20,21/25,21/30,31/35,31/40,41/45,41/50,51/60 pcs/kg
Frozen Spanish Mackerel (速冻大竹加) – 2/3, 3/5 kg
Frozen Black Pomfret (速冻黑鲳) – 200/300, 300/500, 500/800, 800/UP grams
Frozen Tongue Fish (速冻龙舌) – All size
Frozen Ikan Kembung (速冻甘望鱼) – 14/15, 15/16 pcs/kg
Frozen Ikan Tongkol (速冻才鱼) – 4/5 pcs/kg
Frozen Ikan Sardin (速冻吊景) – 16/18, 20/25 pcs/kg
Frozen Ikan Selar Papan (速冻黄尾鱼) – 4/6, 6/8 pcs/kg
Frozen Squid Uncleaned (速冻苏东) – 4/6 inch
Frozen Squid Cleaned (速冻剝皮苏东) -3/6 inch
Frozen Cat Tiger Shrimp Meat (速冻花虾肉) – 100/UP pcs/lb
Frozen Mantis Shrimp Meat (速冻虾姑肉) – All size



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