Shui Hing Marine



Business Address: Blk 7 #05-03 Eunos Technolink, Kaki Bukit Road 1, 415937 Singapore
Contact Information: Francis (Manager)
Telephone: 62852017
Mobile: 94877318
Fax: 67495591


Established in the year 1988, we specialise in Dried/Frozen Sea Cucumbers, Fish Maws, as well as Sharks Fin.

Shui Hing Marine, founded in the year 1988 by our company director, Ng Swee Heng. With his perseverance, hard work, and vision for success, here we are today!

We supply locally to restaurants, retailers, and consumers too. Additionally, we export our products overseas to various countries such as, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, China, and Indonesia. Our company’s 3 main products are Sea Cucumbers, Fish Maws, Sharks Fin, be it dried or frozen (processed). We also deal with Bird’s Nest, Abalone and other sea products. Our company’s aim is to provide quality products at affordable prices.

In 2014, we bought over 2 fishing ships in Indonesia and are currently working to expand our business there, dealing with different types of live/frozen fishes, fish maws and other products.

Business Description
We are an importer and exporter of dried, frozen and processed shark fins, sea cucumber and fishmaws. We covers mainly the Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Malaysia markets.

Dried/Frozen Sea Cucumbers, Fish Maws, Sharks Fin, Abalone, Topshell, Bird’s Nest



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