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Shishi Ruixing Frozen Food Co., Ltd.
Address: Xiang Town, Shishi City, Fujian Agriculture xiangzhi Pier 10, 362700 China
Tel: 86-595-88981299  /  88980085
Fax: 86-595-88921299  /  88987373

Company Profile
Shishi Ruixing Frozen Food Co., Ltd. is located in National Centre Fishing Port-Xiangzhi town, a well-known aquatic distributing center of Fujian Province. The company founded in 1989, has cold storage capacity up to 5000 tons. The processing plant covers a total area of 1, 200 square meters.There has 8 quick freezing workshops with 200 tons/day quick-freezing capacity.

The company has invested about 120 million RMB to the construction of “Fujian Ruifa aquatic Food Co., Ltd.”.There are about 33, 333 square meters for this project land with building area 60, 000 square meters. Ruifa has cold storage capacity up to 20000 tons, covering 22, 310 square meters for 6 workshops and processing aquatics up to 30, 000 tons/year.Ruifa aquatic Food Co., Ltd. brings in advanced facilities including double helix quick-frozen machine, canned line, flat quick-frozen machine, metal detector and vacuum package machine etc.

The company has developing kinds of products including frozen fish, shrimp, shellfish, squid, canned fish, and canned crab meat etc with the advantage of National Centre Fishing Port. Since the establishment, the company has got the food hygiene and safety management system HACCP and ISO9001.The company now owns perfect management and product processing of professional technical team, strictly producing and managing according to international standard.

The company strengthen the cooperation with scientific research institutions, introducing foreign processing technology to improve the product grade. Ruixing aquatic offers all the service based on the conception of “good quality-integrity-innovation-struggling”, which will be a diversification aquatic enterprise.

Company Culture – Xiangzhi national central fishing port
Xiangzhi National Central Fishing is one of the key projects of Quanzhou City, even Fujian Province, with a total investment of 103.5264 million yuan. The completed port is 432 meters long, with totally 19 berths and about 148, 400 tons of outturn every year. The built breakwater, 570 meters long, together with 772 meters long of revetment, form a water area of 700, 000 square meters, which becomes a sheltered berthing for 1, 000 vessels to stay away from trouble, as well as improves the ability of anti-anti-typhoon, protect life and property safety of fishermen. Nowadays, the fishing port has become a large-scaled integrative multifunctional industrialization center for vessel shelter and supply department, fishery production, rest and reorganization, ocean fishing base, the base of aquatic products circulation and information services, recreational fishing and tourism base, driving and promoting fisheries development of perimeter zone.

◆ The  increasing berths improve fishing conditions and port hanling capacity,  and also reduce the cost of the fishermen unloading;
◆ Will effectively attract foreign fishing boats to unload fish at the xiangzhi, trading, parking, supplies, etc., play a leading role in radiation to drive further economic development surrounding Fishery;
◆ With the increase in the amount of discharge ports, extend the local fishing trade, transportation, services, processing industry chain, to increase employment opportunities for job transfer is significant;
◆ Taiwan folk could expand trade and strengthen economic cooperation lions and Taiwan’s fishing, the introduction of Taiwan’s capital and technology to build economic zone and so on, are of great significance.

Ruixing core mainly in corporate culture as the basis :
◆ Entrepreneurship: Harmony, innovation, development, enterprising;
◆ Business Philosophy: “Quality is the root, the customer is the” grasping “fundamental” to promote common prosperity and development;
◆ Management Principles: People-oriented, enthusiastic leadership, ruthless management;
◆ Business Purposes: Technological innovation, and constantly open up, quality first; customer first, service first, making first-class equipment, a brand enterprise;
◆ Employment Purposes: Merit, expertise and resources, to provide development platform;
◆ Enterprise Style: Sincere, collaboration, justice, democracy;
◆ Corporate Objectives: High-quality management team, highly skilled workforce, high performance work teams, high standards of product quality and high reputation “Ruixing” brand;

All Products

Frozen Fish
Fish is rich in protein, minerals and vitamins, the human body has a good tonic effect on the physical weakness and the elderly, the consumption of fish will receive a very good therapeutic effect. Fish is rich in selenium, can eliminate free radicals generated by human metabolism, can delay aging, and various types of cancer prevention and treatment efficacy.

Frozen Moonfish
Pacific mackerel
Small eye round scad
Big eye round scad
Frozen ribbon fish
Frozen bonito
Saury whole round
Indian oil sardine
Round Scad

Frozen Shrimp
Shrimp high nutritional value, can enhance the body’s immunity and sexual function, kidney yang, anti premature aging. Eat shrimp (frying, roasting, stewing can), warm wine delivery service, can cure kidney impotence, chills, body tired, waist and knee pain and other symptoms. Shrimp, crayfish, shrimp, contain large amounts of vitamin B12.

Frozen Shellfish
Shellfish is a mollusk shells. In scientific classification includes Bivalvia (bivalves), most of the gastropods (snails), multi-board Gang (chitons) and dig foot outline (corner shellfish) and so on. Manatee class, cephalopods (squid, octopus), etc. Although there are mollusks, but the case has been degraded, is not considered a shellfish.

Frozen Squid
Squid is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, for bone development and hematopoietic very useful, can prevent anemia. In addition to protein-rich squid and amino acids needed by the body, or contains large amounts of taurine in a low-calorie foods. Except squid rich in protein and essential amino acids, the squid also contains a lot of taurine

Loligo chinaensis squid
Illex squid
Todarodes squid

Frozen Octopus
Octopus is rich in protein, minerals and other nutrients, and is also rich in anti-fatigue, anti-aging, can extend human life, and other important health factors – natural taurine. “Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “octopus, stone from the two objects, like squid and large difference

Canned fish
The main choice of canned fish food value is high, most people love fish as raw material. Processing should be noted that freshness is good, suitable for consumer preferences, strict compliance with the process and procedures, quality in line with national standards. Freshwater fish canned food, according to the traditional method of cooking

Canned Crabmeat
Crab is aquatic treasures, its nutritious and delicious, the majority of consumers, but in recent years, with the expansion of farming and production increases, crab prices fell sharply (about 50 grams of only 20-24 million / kg), low income farmers. Developed canned crabmeat solved sell small sized

Frozen food
Frozen food through rapid temperature (-18 ℃ less) processing out of the frozen food, food organizations in the water, the juice will not be lost, and in such low temperatures, microbial basically not breeding, food safety is assured.

Seafood is conducive to lowering excessive consumption may cause elevated cholesterol. Scientists have discovered that Eskimos less risk of cardiovascular disease, which is their main food comes from deep-sea fish related. These fish are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, can reduce triglycerides



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