Quinlan Brothers Ltd.



Quinlan Brothers Ltd.

Corporate Office
Address: Box 71, Suite 302, Atlantic Place, 215 Water Street, St. John’s NL Canada A1C 6C9
Tel: 709-739-6960
Fax: 709-739-0586

Pat Quinlan – President
Email: pquinlan@quinlanbros.ca

Robin Quinlan – Vice President
EMail: rquinlan@quinlanbros.ca
Mobile: 709-682-4472

Kim Quinlan – Sales & Marketing Manager
Email: kquinlan@quinlanbros.ca
Mobile: 709-685-2656

David Earle – CFO
Email: dearle@quinlanbros.ca

Bay de Verde Accounting Office
Address: P.O. Box 40, Bay de Verde, NL Canada A0A 1E0
Tel: 709-587-2460

Terry Collins – Sales/Accounts Manager
Email: tcollins@quinlanbros.ca

Bay de Verde Shell Fish Plant
Tel: 709-587-2520

Barry Hatch – Crab Plant Manager
Email: bhatch@quinanbros.ca

Kristinn Skulason – Shrimp Plant Manager
Email: kss@quinlanbros.ca

Brian Collier – Research and Development
Email: bcollier@quinlanbros.ca

Old Perlican Plant
Tel: 709-587-2711

Dave Foote Ground – Fish/Pelagics Plant Manager
Email: opoffice@quinlanbros.ca

Our two processing plants are situated on the edge of the North Atlantic Ocean in the towns of Bay de Verde and Old Perlican, Newfoundland.

Settled in the late 1500 and early 1600’s as British fishing stations, the towns are amongst the oldest fishing villages in North America. More than four hundred years later the fishery is still at the heart of these communities and their people.

Quinlan Brothers is proud to be part of this history and to be a contributor to the growth, development and sustainability of the region.

Our Fleet

Atlantic Storm
Captain: Paul Duguay

August Gale
Captain: Randy Rogers

Cape Aaron
Captain: Dale Kennedy

MV OSC Mariner
Captain: Adrienne Duguay

Patti Theresa
Captain: Ray Dalton

Captain: Bill Barns

Covenant II
Captain: Newell Hedderson

Our People
The team at Quinlan Brothers is made up of almost five hundred seasonal and full time staff. Many come from surrounding communities and have grown up with the company while others have come from across the province and across the country, relocating to the local area every season. Most of our senior management staff have been with the company for several years. Once they come, they tend to stay – it’s about relationship and commitment to the communities, the people and the quality product we produce.

sustainabilityWell managed and sustainable fishing is essential for healthy oceans, livelihoods and economies worldwide. We believe in the protection of our fish stocks, to ensure a healthy and sustainable fishery for the future. Our products and facilities are certified to some of the highest standards worldwide for Quality and Sustainability.

Our Cold Water Shrimp and our Snow Crab are both MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) Certified as an Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Fishery. The Marine Stewardship Council is the world’s leading certification and eco-labeling program for sustainable seafood.

But sustainability starts at home. Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans and its Sustainable Fisheries and Oceans Policy Division provides sound scientific stock assessment and management of its fish stocks, covering all the species that we process, and is an integral part of the MSC Certification process.

Canadian Snow Crab – Chionoecetes opilio
Cold Water Shrimp – Pandalus Borealis
Ground Fish and Pelagics

Lumpfish Roe    Packed, salted    216lb barrels
Squid    Custom packed    Based on comsumer request
Whelk    Sold in the shell, cooked
Crab au Gratin

Locally made in Bay de Verde, Newfoundland, they’re presented in the natural crab shell and are ideal for appetizers or as a side menu item. Individually shrink wrapped and packed in cases of 18 or 36.



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