QL Endau Marine Products Sdn. Bhd.



QL Endau Marine Products Sdn Bhd
Address: 11, Jalan Merlimau, 86900 Endau, Johor, Malaysia.
Tel: +607 794 3814 / +607 794 4087
Fax: +607 794 4088
Email: shhfm@streamyx.com, bobchia@ql.com.my
Website: http://www.qlendau.com.my

QL Endau Marine Products Sdn Bhd (QLEMP) is a subsidiary of QL Resources Berhad (QLR). QLR is listed in Bursa Malaysia since March 2000. QLR is ranked in Bursa Top100 Companies by capitalisation and is included in FTSE BM 70 index. QLR is a diversified agricultural-based group of companies. The group is involved in marine-based manufacturing, integrated livestock farming and oil palm related activities.

QLR holds 70.59% interest in QLEMP. QLEMP has two wholly owned subsidiaries, namely QL Endau Deep Sea Fishing Sdn Bhd and QL Endau Fishmeal Sdn Bhd.

QLR Group’s vision is to be the preferred global agro-based enterprise, while its mission is to create nourishing products from agro resources, leading to benefit for all parties.

Located in Endau, Eastern Johor, QLEMP group has 3 core activities namely deep sea fishing, fishmeal and surimi production. The 12 acres production facility is capable of processing 30,000 metric tons of fishmeal and 6,000 metric tons of surimi and otoshimi products annually. QLEMP group has more than 600 dedicated workers and its annual group turnover is more than USD24 million.

Deep sea fishing is one of the core activities at QL Endau Marine Products Sdn Bhd. We have 13 teams of well equipped purse seiner fishing boats. Each team consists of 1 mother boat and 2 lighting boats giving a total of 39 fishing boats. In each boat there are 25 crews. Average nights spend fishing at the South China Sea is about 2. Purse seiner fishing technique is very effective at targeting fishes near the surface. We use sonar and lighting systems to locate and attract fish. Shoal of fish caught with deep net curtain are then haul back to the vessel.

At our owned unloading bay next to the surimi plant, fishes are immediately unloaded and separated for local and export sales as well as for our own fishmeal and surimi factories. Typical catch of fish are Sardines, scads, mackerels, skipjack tuna and bonito tuna.

Surimi manufacturing is also one of our core activities. Surimi is a Japanese word for semi processed minced fish paste produced from fresh fish. Our surimi plant is GMP and HACCP compliance.

The surimi processes begin with removing the heads & guts. Next, is washing follow by removing the bones and skin using meat separator. Then leaching for desired quality, colour and reducing fishy smell. Next is refining discarded fish scales and tissues. The paste is further squeezed to attain 81-82% moisture level. Next, the paste is mixed in a silent cutter with sugar and natural preservative polyphosphates. Finally, every block of surimi paste is scanned for ferrous and non-ferrous elements.
The blocks are packed and frozen in contact freezer before storing in a -18°C cold room. Surimi can be use as raw material for the following products: kamaboko, fish tofu, fish ball, pre-fried fish cake, chikuwa, and many more.

Our surimi is sold locally and internationally, in countries such as Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, China, Australia and the United States. Our surimi plant also produced ‘otoshimi ‘. Otoshimi is processed and refined raw fish material for the local market to make keropok lekor (fish sausage) and keropok kering (fish crackers) which are favourite snacks food among the Malaysians, especially the Malays.

QL Endau started its fishmeal processing facility in early 80’s and has subsequently upgraded the plant to using latest Danish technology. Our fishmeal plant produces high-grade fishmeal for aquaculture and livestock feed markets. As at Dec 2009, annual capacity is 30,000 metric tonnes.
The process begins with washing raw fish before sending the washed raw fish to our modern fishmeal plant for further processing.

First, these raw fishes are cooked by using steam dryer. After drying, it is cooled by passing through chiller and follow by grinding through hammer mill. The grinded fishmeal powders are then sent for final packing. To ensure its quality, we consistently monitor various specification contained in high grade fishmeal.



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