Pesquera Papudo
Address: El Peumo Nº1240 Papudo Región de Valparaíso, Chile
Phone: (56-33) 2790753

Pesquera Papudo begins in 1983, when our father started a small plant dedicated to the production of seafood, mainly shrimps, hake, pomfret, etc, the cove abasteciéndonos Papudo and other suppliers, our workforce being people in our area and surroundings.

Pesquera Papudo is ranked as the fifth best evaluated with PAC region 1 by the Fish Health Service, HACCP plan have authorized to export to the European Community, North America, Asia and Latin America, since our products are manufactured under a Quality Assurance Program, which guarantees the safety of our finished products.

In addition to the above products, we are dedicated to the development of cuttlefish in all its derivatives (with and without skin fillet, fin, tentacles, neck, players, etc..), Being certified products to be exported to almost everyone, having a production capacity of 36 tonaladas day finished product, with our projection freeze reach 52 tons per day.

Our current customers are companies from Spain, Italy, Egypt, Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Brazil, Thailand and others.

Our family business is based on being able to give our overseas customers complete safety and excellence in the quality of all products that we process. We monitor from raw material purchase beach to the finished product packed in -18 º camera maintenance finished product. We coordinate shipments either sea freight, air or land of export to anywhere in the world worrying of all documentation to obtain notification BL and departure of the ship. Our staff is highly qualified in frozen food processing for human consumption governed by quality assurance programs implemented according to the principles of risk analysis and HACCP critical control points, and all the parameters organoleptic, physical and chemical to ensure the standard quality that is requested.

PESQUERA PAPUDO LTDA. Guarantees its customers that its products are subject to stringent health checks to preserve freshness and all high quality specifications. All our products bear the hallmark of Sernapesca in Chile. The success of our company is based on the quality of the raw material and strict sanitary control.

Our company has a professional organization to customers and suppliers ensures reliability in fulfilling their contracts.



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