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Pacific Shoji Pty Ltd
Address: P.O. BOX 2029, Woolooware, NSW 2230 Australia
Phone: (+61 3) 52828011
Fax: (+61 3) 52828211

Chris (+61) 408108576
Barry (+61) 418812101
Greig (+61) 414625849

About Us
Established in 1979, Pacific Shoji has grown to become one of Australia’s largest & most reputable exporters of quality wild-caught abalone products.

Specializing in live abalone, the company also processes a range of quality abalone products, including frozen abalone meat, frozen whole in shell abalone and frozen whole parboiled abalone.

With a total of 8 collection stations, including 3 export factories, the company’s facilities now comprise more than 40 live seafood tanks with a total holding capacity exceeding 30MT of product at any given time.

With varying abalone quota seasons between Australian states, Pacific Shoji is strategically positioned to offer continuous supply of quality abalone to our valued customers without the seasonal fluctuations experienced by our competitors.

Pacific Shoji 公司成立于 1979 年,现已成长为上等野生和养殖鲍鱼产品澳大利亚最大、最著名的出口商之一。

专业出品鲜活鲍鱼,公司也加工和出口各种冷冻鲍鱼产品,包括冷冻 (IQF) 鲍鱼肉、冷冻整只带壳鲍鱼及冷冻预煮鲍鱼。
公司拥有 8 个收集站,其中包括 3 个出口厂,还拥有 40 多个鲜活鲍鱼承装箱,在任何时候,总承装能力均可达到 3000 多万吨。

由于在澳大利亚各州拥有鲍鱼不同捕捉季节的配额量,Pacific Shoji 公司享有战略性地位,可为尊贵的客户持续供应上乘的鲍鱼,而不会出现其竞争对手所面临的季节性供应波动的问题。

In addition to our WILD CAUGHT live abalone, Pacific Shoji also process and export a variety of frozen abalone products. All our frozen products are produced from live abalone, ensuring the highest quality frozen abalone possible. These products include Frozen abalone meat, Frozen whole in shell abalone and frozen whole parboiled abalone
All frozen products are processed to HACCP guidelines with the utmost attention to health & cleanliness.

除野生捕捉的鲜活鲍鱼外,Pacific Shoji 也加工和出口各种冷冻鲍鱼产品。所有冷冻产品均由鲜活鲍鱼精制而成,以确保冷冻鲍鱼产品的最佳质量。这些产品包括冷冻鲍鱼肉、冷冻整只带壳鲍鱼及冷冻整只预煮鲍鱼
所有冷冻产品均根据 HACCP 指导原则进行加工,且时刻关注健康和清洁问题。



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