Orizon S.A.



The Company’s administrative offices are located in the capital, Santiago of Chile, while the productive installations of Orizon S.A. are distributed throughout Coquimbo, Talcahuano, Coronel and Puerto Montt.

Orizon S.A.
HEADQUARTERS: 150 El Golf Ave., 8th floor, Las Condes, Santiago
Telephone: (56 – 2) – 476 4100
Website: http://www.orizon.cl

COQUIMBO PLANT: Playa Blanca Without No., La Pampilla Sector, Coquimbo,
Fourth Region. Telephone: (56 – 51) 558 300

CORONEL PLANT: Pedro Aguirre Cerda Ave., Lo Rojas Sector, Coronel,
Eighth Region. Telephone: (56 – 41) 250 7200

PUERTO MONTT PLANT: Chinquihue Km 12.5; Puerto Montt, Tenth Region.
Telephone: (56 – 65) 329 000

Orizon S.A. started its operation on December st, 2010, as a result of the merger between two of the most important fishing companies in the central-south area of Chile: South Pacific Korp S.A. (SPK), a subsidiary of Pesquera Iquique-Guanaye S.A. (Igemar), and Pesquera San José S.A., of Sociedad Pesquera Coloso S.A., which, in turn, carried on the work of the companies responsible for initiating the development of industrial fishing in Chile in the forties, thus cherishing a long tradition of pelagic industrial fishing. Regarding this new company, currently Igemar participates with 66.8% and Sociedad Pesquera Coloso S.A. with 20%, while Empresa Pesquera Eperva S.A. holds the remaining 13.2%.

To be a relevant player in the global market of nutrition, providing quality food solutions, from natural resources.

– Our processes are efficient and safe.
– We are a Company engaged in the production and commercialization of food derived from natural resources.
– We develop and commercialize our products and brands within global markets.
– We integrate investigation and technology in the development of high quality products.
– We work as a cohesive team, promoting innovation and talent development, in an atmosphere of motivation and commitment.
– We operate in a sustainable manner, showing respect for individuals and communities, providing our shareholders the profit that they expect from their capital.

– SAFETY: Our first priority is the safety of individuals, identifying and reducing risks, developing prevention actions and operating always according to demanding standards.
– EFFICIENCY: We promote excellence in our productive, commercial and administrative processes, optimizing the use of resources and respecting labor and environmental laws
– QUALITY: We promote excellence in our productive, commercial and administrative processes, optimizing the use of resources and respecting labor and environmental laws
– TEAM:  We privilege teamwork over individualities, share a common vision and are committed with the same objectives. We value respect, communication and coordination between individuals and teams.
– CREATIVITY:  We value creativity as the motor of development and growth of the Company and as a permanent attitude of daily work.

Sustainable Fishing
Orizon S.A. produces its products mainly from the extraction and processing of six marine species, most of which are pelagic (those that live in the water column far from the coast and ocean bottom). These species include jack mackerel, mackerel, sardine, anchovy, Spanish sardine and hoki, in addition to giant squid.

The operation of each one of these fisheries is carried out with strict adherence to all of the rules established by the national fishing authority and safeguarding the sustainability of each ecosystem, for which the best technologies available are used in the detection, extraction (fishing techniques) and preservation on board.


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