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About us
Although formed in 2007, Norway Pelagic is a company with long traditions. The predecessors of the company started out receiving and salting fish manually in old wharfside warehouses more than a century ago. Later, during the post-war years, big herring stocks provided a good foundation for increasing prosperity along the coast, and fish plants were established in several locations. Although the industry has subsequently undergone periods of declining fish stocks and market crises, there have also been periods of growth and optimism characterised by investments in technology and automation. Today, the company operates nine modern industrial facilities along the Norwegian coast. In 2008, as much as 392,000 tonnes of pelagic fish were received, processed and frozen. This is approximately 35% of all fish received at Norwegian facilities for fish for human consumption. After the new company was formed, the volume of raw materials and profitability have increased.

Several factors have contributed to this:
good management of fishery resources in Norwegian waters, a modern fishing fleet that delivers high-quality raw materials, skilled, motivated and enthusiastic employees and, not least, consumer demand for greater choice and healthy, high-quality products.

Norway Pelagic’s activities are based on core values that build on the company’s history and experience, and form the basis for continued growth and positive development of the business and the industry;

Quality – we shall deliver products of high quality, and wish to contribute to enhancing the reputation of Norwegian seafood.
Stability – we wish to achieve long-term growth based on stability and predictability in relation to the market, and to contribute to more overall, long-term thinking throughout the value chain.
Sustainability – We wish to contribute to the sustainable development of Norwegian fish stocks, and to the optimal and environmentally friendly utilisation of the available raw materials.
Relations – We are market-oriented and shall have good relations with customers, suppliers and other partners. We shall be enthusiastic and loyal to the company’s vision.
Responsibility – We priorities safety, job satisfaction and career development for employees, while also focusing on our value-creating role in the local community.

Pure Pelagic
Pelagic fish, also known as oily, or oil-rich fish, generally swim in the pelagic zones of the oceans, in the upper water masses of the sea. Pelagic fish are fast moving, they swim in shoals and tend to be nomadic, migrating over large distances. Although they feed primarily on plankton, many pelagic fish are opportunistic feeders.

The quality of Arctic fish is world renowned. In cold, crystal clear waters, the fish live in superb conditions, free from any artificial additives or pollution. Furthermore, fish from the Arctic oceans have a significantly higher fat content than other species of fish. Species such as mackerel, horse mackerel, herring and capelin are a good source of vitamins A and D, as well as being rich in Omega 3. It is therefore widely accepted that the consumption of these fish is more beneficial to humans than white fish.

Pelagic fish are easily recognizable due to their strong coloring. They usually have a dark upper surface, and a light underside, which allows them to blend into their natural habitat of the deep, dark blue sea below and the brighter light from the sky above. As it is important for pelagic fish to be streamlined, their eyes are flat against their body and their pectoral fins can fold down into grooves to minimise drag. Their scales are also tiny and smooth and at the front, they form armour-like plating. Like all big fast moving fish, they are quiet swimmers with special mechanisms to minimise drag, turbulence and pressure waves.

Our Facilities – experience the arctic pureness
Using state-of-the-art industry technology for catching and processing, we export over 300,000 tons of superb quality pelagic fish products every year

Pure Products
North Sea Herring
Horse Mackerel
Winter Herring
Blue Whiting



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