Norsk Sjømat AS



Address: Svemorka, NO-6200 Stranda, Norway
Tel.: +47 70 26 88 80
Fax.: +47 70 26 88 90

Formed in 1996, Producer and exporter of processed salmon products

Main products:
Smoked salmon/trout
Gravlax of salmon/trout
Salmon fillets
Portion packs of salmon fillet

Plant nr.: M-461
Turnover 1997:USD 4 million
Turnover 2000: USD 35 million

Fresh raw materials are a key factor in producing quality smoked salmon and trout products. Norsk Sjømat AS’ plants are only a few hours away from salmon farms and harvesting stations. Through being part of a vertically integrated company, producing its own fry and fish for consumption we have the best and most reliable access to raw materials for our smokeries. Using only the freshest of raw materials in combination with our traditional methods of salting, smoking and maturing the fish, we produce high quality products very few companies can compete with.

Frequent sampling of water quality and bacteriological tests, as well as training programmes for our employees, mean that our level of safety is abreast of the requirements of modern food production. All three plants in Norsk Sjømat AS have been approved for export to the USA (HACCP approval), Asia and the EU. We are in the process of achieving approval by BRC (British Retail Consortium), and meet kosher requirements.

Salting and smoking is the traditional method of increasing the durability of fish products.  With the passage of time salted and smoked products have developed into important products for the Norwegian fish processing industry.

Salting and smoking salmon and trout has always had exclusive associations. Due to their good taste and consistency, properly smoked salmon and trout stand out from other salted and smoked products.

Before commercializing the fish-farming industry in the early 1980s, smoked salmon was produced exclusively for the local market. This was done by small smokehouses producing from wild salmon caught by local fishermen using nets or fishing in local rivers.
At that time, salmon and trout were often smoked and salted according to the “secret” recipes of local tradesmen. In our modern industrial production we have been so lucky as to inherit some of these traditional recipes, which include dry salting, smoking and maturing.
While many of the large smokes use brine and needle injection for salting the fish, we swear by tradition and use dry salting in our production.

We do so in consultation with our customers who agree that this is the path to follow also in future if we want to achieve optimum product quality.

Special Production
With the whole world as our market, we are now well-known for our ability to make customer-specific adaptations in terms of salt content and smoky taste as well as in packaging and product presentation.

The salt content and smoky taste are adapted to the different markets; with Japan and Norway at opposite extremes, we adapt our products in close consultation with our customers. A close and constructive dialogue between our customers, sales personnel and production managers has been a key to our success in this area. It has enabled us to specially adapt our product quality to suit diverse ”local markets”, thereby achieving recognition and success.

Examples of this include the production of customer-specific recipes developed by certain hotel chains, special products for airline catering, special products for the gift market, special salting, trimming and packing for supermarkets in Japan, the USA, South America, the Middle East, Italy Sweden and Norway. For the retail market, we produce both private brands and our own brands.

Use the navigation bar on the right side to choose brand. We have a wide range of value added salmon and trout products. Trimming, slicing, skinning and packing according to the needs in the different markets. We are also adaptive to make special recipe from customer specifications.
– smoked products
– hot-smoked products
– marinated products
– salmon filets
– salmon portions
– smoked cubes
– smoked trimmings
– second grade smoked salmon
– bits and pieces block
– salmon bellies
– mince
– smoked green-land halibut
– smoked mackerel
– skinning and slicing



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