Norlantic Processors Ltd. (NPL)



Norlantic Processors Ltd. (NPL)
Address: Main Road Pleasantview Newfoundland & Labrador
Contact: Jennifer Sheppard
Phone: (709) 583-2670
Fax: (709) 583-2804

Norlantic Processors Ltd. currently operates three approved mussel aquaculture sites:

South Arm, Charles Arm and Mouse Island-Tea Arm in Notre Dame Bay, NL. The Head Office is located in Winterton, Trinity Bay, NL

These three sites combined provide 676 hectares of usable water, 348 of which are located at our deep water site of Mouse Island. The plant and farm are continually audited by the CFIA and meet all necessary regulations to ship nationally and internationally.

Norlantic Processors Ltd. harvest and sell fresh Newfoundland cultured mussels. Terry Mills, co-owner and operator, has over twenty years experience in the cultivation, processing and handling of live mussels. While working with the Marine Institute and Memorial University, Terry has gained extensive knowledge on mussel biology, farm practices and husbandry.

Newfoundland cultured blue mussels are harvested from the cold and clean waters of Canada’s North Atlantic. The rope cultured blue mussels feed off the nutrient-rich water, free of the grit. Newfoundland cultured blue mussels are a completely natural product that is available year-round.


– Once caught the quality of the fresh mussels deteriorates within a week
– Once frozen the high quality and the freshness is retained
– Freezing stops all microbiological activity, including the pathogens which may cause food poisoning and spoilage
– Freezing provides the security that the product is healthy and not potentially dangerous
– Buying frozen from Green seafoods Ltd., you can be assured of the highest quality (CFIA certified every week of production)
– Due to freezing, mussels can be eaten all year round with complete confidence and maintain consistent meat yields
– A bag of frozen mussels is an excellent quality product at a very affordable price
– Frozen offers a great plus for modern lifestyles, with a flexible, mess free cooking process
– Frozen seafood can be superior in quality to fresh products
– Shellfish are ‘flash frozen’ within hours of the harvest.
– It may take several days for the same seafood to make it to your local seafood dealer as ‘fresh’

– Plain Bags (Food Service)
– 1lb: Packed 12x1lb = 12lb per master
– 500g: Packed 12x500g = 13.2lb per master
– 2lb: Packed 5x2lb = 10lb per master

Plain bag
– Retail Bag (Printed Green Seafoods)
– Packed 5x2lb = 10lb per master



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