Moradiña, S.L.



Moradiña, S.L.
Head office Address: C / Reef 7, Cangas de Morrazo, 36940 Pontevedra, Spain
Phone: 986392021
Fax: 986392688
Contact: Moses Soliño

Who We Are
We love and respect the sea inhabitants.

Moradiña group of fishing companies and since 1981 we supply frozen fish caught by vessels that apply the latest technologies to commercialize porder in top condition.

Through extensive industry experience and ongoing research work in our fleet for years, we get a final quality that makes us a pioneer in the treatment of fish capable of meeting the demands of our customers and offer solutions to the tailored to their needs.

Sartaxens beach, Playa Menduiña Two, Playa da Cativa, Eirado do Costal and Santa Marina are the five vessels currently owned by the firm and that operate primarily on the grounds of NAFO, Irminger Sea, and the Falkland Islands Hattom Bank.

Our Ships

Our Ship: Features, Current status etc.
Ship Beach Sartaxens
Ship Beach Menduiña Two
Ship Praia da Cativa
Ship Eirado do Costal
Santa Marina Ship

Our vessels operate on the following grounds: NAFO, Hattom Bank, Irminger Sea and Falkland Islands



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