Man A. Frozen Foods Co., Ltd.



Man A Frozen Foods Co., Ltd..

Address: 3/2 Moo 7. Kao – Chana. Khao Yai. Muang. Songkhla 90000.
Phone: (6674) 317-800
Fax: (6674) 317-811

Address: 4.9 g., 17th Fl. Finally home. Paknam. Muang. 10270.
Phone: (662) 701-6960,388-2280
Fax: (662) 701-6961

Quality Policy
Food quality, safety, customer satisfaction. On time delivery Ongoing

September 7, 2533

80 million baht

Number of Employees

Frozen meat, meat balls, fish tofu, fish cakes, frozen seafood.

Japan, England, America, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea.

ISO 9001: 2000 (Management System Certification Institution)
HACCP Certificate Reference No. MA/7 (Department of Fisheries, Thailand)
HALAL: Registration No. HL 422/2001 (The Central Islamic Committee of Thailand)

Marketing Office
Telephone Number: (662) 701-6960, (662) 388-2280
Fax Number: (662) 701-6961

Persons in charge
Ms.Saowanee Patrakarn, Business Manager (International) E-mail:
Ms.Phalada Taychasumran, Assistant Marketing Manager (Domestic) E-mail:

We provide high quality and variety of Surimi Seafood Products such as fish tofu, fish ball, fish cake and so on. Please click on each product category for more details…

Mr. Mana Sri Guardian – Managing Man A Frozen Foods Co., Ltd..
If you look back at the history of our company, and over the next 50 years that I have. Part of the seafood industry. My family, as are the two I have the T is very proud that my family has developed the capacity and ability to produce and the time they have the opportunity to work on this, I have been. assist in the expansion of the company. In many production lines in and out of countries such as ice factories, factory fish farm. And Mills Seafood processing

It is now well aware of the consumers in general. Valuable food from the sea. There are many benefits Which may be higher than other food sources, we would like to thank the creators. Production and management techniques today. We can make the product. High nutritional value for the benefit of consumers. And promote a better quality of life. To the public for many households.

The company’s success today is made possible by a factor of 2, what is committed to. To maintain production quality and reduce development is invariably a factor of 2 is honesty, combined with the cooperation of employees, consumers and our business partners.

Finally, I would like to express our appreciation for the dedication and sacrifice. All you have given to our company. And I sincerely hope that our cooperation will continue in the future to be even better.

A man from the fishing business. Ice fishing boats, fish meal plants are cold before carrying frozen seafood processing business. Man A is the current The organization operates A full range of fishing communities in Thailand. With a focus on quality and Safety Food is the main With the use of modern technology And care in production to meet the needs of consumers.

Fish Tofu Series
Fish Ball Series
Fish Cake Series
Breaded Products Series
Wrapped Products Series
Other Products Series



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