Loba Pesquera SAMCI Diagonal Elpidio Gonzalez



Loba Pesquera S.A.M.C.I.
Address: Diagonal Elpidio Gonzalez 4836, Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires. Argentina.
Tel.: (54+223) 4801647 / 4800184
Fax.: (54+223) 4890494
Website: http://www.lobapesquera.com
Email: info@lobapesquera.com

Loba Pesquera SAMCI
SA, Maritime, Commercial and Industrial.

The beginning of the activities of our firm dates back to 1978, at which time it processed products from fishing for the domestic market. In a span of two years the company was equipped with cooling capacity, thus allowing access to foreign market, we are doing business since 1980 to different countries (BRAZIL, FRANCE, SPAIN, USA, ISRAEL, AUSTRALIA, ITALY, JAPAN, ETC), among others. FISHING SAMCI LOBA has its own capture its raw material, it is because it has a high fresquero fishing vessel “Sirius” with a capture capacity of about 250 tons.


Pollock (pollack pollachius) is a marine teleost fish of the family Gadidae. It is similar to cod and is between 70 and 80 cm, but can reach 120 cm and weigh 10kg.

Hake Hubbsi
The Argentina or southern, called also hake caught in Patagonia (Merluccius hubbsi) is a fish of the family of merlúcidos, inhabiting the eastern coast of the Southern Cone, from 28th south latitude to the area of the Islas Malvinas.



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