Levantina Barea, S.L.



Levantina Barea, S.L.
Address: Calle/Carrer S, Pol. Ind L’oliveral, Riba-roja del Turia (VALENCIA), ESPAÑA
Tel.: +34 961 667 012
Fax: +34 961 668 837
E-mail: tlbarea@tlbarea.es
Post Code: 8182-46008 (Valencia)
Website: http://www.tlbarea.es

The Company
Levantina Barea S.L. was founded on 24th October 1985, although under Levantina Barea’s stewardship the natural casing company began business in 1977. Its current premises, considered the most modern and best equipped in the industry in the whole of Spain, are situated on the Oliveral Industrial Estate, C/S n° 3, in Riba-Roja (Valencia).

Dominating the raw material market in its most basic state (slaughterhouses), having branches in different parts of the world (principally China) and knowing the end needs of the national and international markets has given our company a quality that differentiates it from the competition, which can be summed up in two words: ‘Know How’.

Levantina Barea S.L. makes every effort to satisfy its clients’ needs. Our philosophy is therefore based on the quality of our product, our service and our guarantee.

Quality, Naturally. 
The production processes comply with the most rigorous current health regulations. Information about our rigorous physical and microbiological controls is available to any client at any time upon request.

The extensive stock kept on our premises ensures provide a high quality service to our clients, both in terms of the quantity of product requested and the speed of delivery. We normally deliver within 24 to 48 hours.

Minimum stocks 
Sheep: 120.000 hanks
Hog: 80.000 hanks

Customer services.
The focus of our business is you, the client. Your concerns and needs comprise the driving force behind our work. Our aim is to serve you and to serve you well. can offer you a personalised and expert service, responding quickly to all your needs.

products you purchase are covered by a public liability insurance policy, which provides a guarantee and covers our clients in the use of the products.


General information:
Our product is based fundamentally on natural casing from sheep and hogs. The casing is supplied in hanks, either salted or in brine, packed in a variety of forms of plastic packaging, properly pre-sealed.

The quality of the product: 

Three different qualities are distinguished, described as A, B and C (or 1st, 2nd and 3rd, which means the same). However we often have mixtures of quality, for example AB, BC or ABC, depending on the market for which it is intended.

A quality:
Casing categorised as being of this quality will be highly consistent, completely without holes, free from fat and intestinal mucous. The calibre is rigorously controlled within +/- 1 millimetre. The pores may be no bigger than the head of a pin, with an internationally accepted tolerance of +/- 5%.

B quality:
Highly consistent, with some holes of up to 1 millimetre in diameter, with slight remains of fat. There is a higher tolerance level regarding the calibre, which can vary by +/- 10-15%.

C quality:
Less consistent, the walls of the casing are thinner, holes can be up to 3 millimetres in diameter and the calibre tolerance is approximately the same as that for B quality, although the same hank may be of two or three different calibres.



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