KF Foods Ltd.



KF Foods Ltd.
Address: 1 Moo 4, Baanplaiklongkru Road, Nadee, Muang, Samutsakorn 74000
Tel: +66 3482 0642
Fax: +66 3442 5172
Email: khl@kingfisher.co.th
Webmail: http://www.kingfisher.co.th

History – Kingfisher Holdings Ltd.
In 1972, an Australian, Thai, and Hong Kong partnership took a leap of faith to build Thailand’s first tuna cannery named SAFCOL (THAILAND), LTD., for export. The company’s name was changed to Kingfisher Holdings, Ltd. in 1989 and Maruha Corporation of Japan, one of the biggest seafood enterprises in the world, joined Kingfisher as a shareholder in 1990.This partnership has markedly improved Kingfisher access to the Japanese markets and raw material sources around the world.

Over the years, Kingfisher has kept the basic frozen seafood business and set up subsidiaries to focus on canning, can making and fish protein (Southeast Asian Packaging and Canning Ltd., SEAPAC); value added marine products (KF Foods Ltd.); cold storage business (OCCL); domestic sales in Thailand (Kingfisher 108 Ltd.); and an affiliate, (Kingfisher Products Ltd., New Zealand), for international marketing.

Our operations have diversified to include frozen premium seafood products, innovative canned and pouch value-added lines, petfoods, fish proteins and can making. We are totally committed to quality. Click on the left side menu to learn more of our range of premium products.


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