JAB Trade Company



Tel: +5411 4732 0591
Email: info@jabtrade.com.ar
Website: http://www.jabtrade.com.ar

Our Company
The company was founded in 2009 as a consequence of years of experience in the business; it emerge as a reaction of the unsatisfied needs of producers and importers at the time of settling their transactions, creating the accurate link between both of them.

Our vision is focused on being among the best Argentine companies in its field, offering quality and distinction in his services, creating and supporting long-term personal bonds with his clients.

Our mission is to attend importers and producers necessities providing to our clients a service in the best possible way using suitable tools, delivering products and services of high quality, ensuring a secure and efficient bond in foreign trade.

The company, through his commercial activity, has developed an active presence on the international markets and the soaring South American products demand world wide allowed our insertion in five continents.

Our clients are spread among Spain, UK, Ukraine, Russia, all the way through Morocco, West Africa, China, Southeast Asian tigers and Brazil in South America; developing in diverse and competitive markets, establishing relations with selected costumers whose requisites are fully satisfied.



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