Isla Sur S. A.



Isla Sur S. A.
Address: Pol. Ind.’s Strut, C / No.1 Bay, Mayor Island 41140, Sevilla, Spain
Tel: +34 954 777 611
Fax: +34 954 777 592

Address: Real 34, San 41920. Camas, Sevilla, Spain
Tel: +34 954 769 617
Fax: +34 954 170 718

Alongside Hisparroz Group one of Europe’s largest food companies, born Islasur, SA as a company in charge of the processing and marketing of aquaculture products, and with the same pursuit of excellence in quality and service.

Over time, the brand has introduced Islasur and strengthened with increasing success in major domestic and European markets, being currently the leading product in the range most prestigious and high demand sector.

The products marketed by Islasur, SA are grown on marine farm Veta la Palma, Islasur farm, SA maintains its services throughout the year, adapting to the needs and demands of our customers. Our products follow a regular basis both in price and quality, without spikes or low depending on the season.

The main differences we have with the competition are the quality, size and availability of supply at any time of year.

The fisheries are conducted daily first thing in the morning, on demand, making our products available for sale that night in the main national markets. The logistics of the products is carried mostly by foreign companies Islasur cold, SA, which thoroughly meet all quality standards and required a service in line with our principles.

Islasur, SA owns both dealers throughout the country and in several intra countries. Our products are distributed by our wholesale customers, who demand quality brand that Islasur required, and that in turn will require its retail customers. These come immediately to any national market, where you can find all our products with unmatched freshness.

Also, increasingly, we are introducing our products in the European market through representatives in different areas, differentiating from the rest in the great relationship between

In summary, Islasur, SA is based on QUALITY and SERVICE that is where we concentrate all efforts in serving our products. The business policy Islasur, SA focuses on marketing its products through distributors in WHOLESALERS major markets of the national territory. Also, our products are sold through supermarkets, covering almost all of the most important in the food sector in Spain signatures.

In addition, through dealers, Islasur is leading its market share increasingly, other EU countries such as Italy, Germany, Portugal and France, where business success depends on the application of two principles that are the hallmark of Islasur: QUALITY and SERVICE.

Islasur, SA is a food industry located in Isla Mayor (Sevilla), a modern plant in which three main product lines are developed: fresh fish, frozen pre-fried and boiled shrimp. This plant is equipped with free line fish, deep-tunnel, electric fryers and filling facility where they are sorted and prepared for marketing the various species and products.

The fish caught early in the morning in Veta la Palma Finca night comes to major markets. When ice frozen immediately after fishing and preserved in this process all classified, packaging and transport, ensures a decrease of the relative rate of deterioration, and it may be stored fresh for longer than one week.

Since 2007 both Islasur (marketing) as PIMSA (producer) have certified its Quality System based on the UNE: EN: ISO 9001: 2000. Certification confirms our desire to develop a line of continuous progress every day to give a more accurate expectations of our clients answer.

• Fresh seabass
• Fresh mullet
• Fresh Corvina
• Fresh raw shrimp
• Fresh shrimp cooked
• Deep-frozen cooked shrimp
• Deep-frozen raw shrimp
• Pre-fried shrimp with vegetables
• Shrimp fritters
• Cod fritters



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