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Together with foie gras, saffron, and truffle, caviar is well known fine food in the European tradition. You can easily find it not only in actual luxurious banquets, but also in classical works of Shakespeare, Flaubert, Balzac, and Tolstoy.

Caviar is eggs of sturgeon, which is a fish species that has a history of hundreds of million years. The Chinese sturgeon which was hot on media recently is one of the kinds. Sturgeons can be as big as a thousand pounds and seventeen feet. Smaller ones can also reach up to fifty pounds and two feet. All kinds of sturgeon can produce eggs equal to 20% of their body weight. Caviar is graded according to species, egg size, color, aspect, etc. Quality caviar must be firm and lustrous. The best caviar is eggs of Beluga.

Caviar has a recorded history of over 2000 years. The first caviar eaters are Persians. They believed eating caviar boosts a man’s performance in bed because sturgeons have a vigorous reproductive capacity. Soon the tradition was passed on to the Continental Europe. In ancient Greece of 400s B.C. caviar was already considered a synonym for precious gourmet. Then the Athenians and Romans brought caviar to France as their troops took over Gaul. It was French cuisine that finally established caviar’s celebrity status which it still enjoys up to today.

Caviar Culture
A delicacy had been chased after the royal family since the day it was born. Every little bit is a pleasure with the price of gold. It has been the symbol of luxury and classic. Black gold as we called– Caviar

In the very beginning, with the effect of aphrodisiac that caviar has, it became the best favorite food of Iran emperor. Louis XIV later found out its nobility and put it onto the royal dining table in the france royal family, served with French white toast or cracker, and champagne. With the serving method spread to Russian, Russian emperor crazily fell in love with caviar, which used to stand for the highest quality.

Fine Caviar must be with soft rounded outlook of fresh and mellow, with color of gray or brown in the black juice, with aftertaste of luscious and light flavor of sea, also without too much salt. With a thousand taels of gold won’t purchase this slightly sumptuous touch, when you close your eyes you can hear this beautiful sound while your tongue pulverize the fragile eggs. The instant explosion of delicacy on your tongue will finally have you realized that all the efforts are worthy, all are for the eggs burst out in sensibility.

Caviar, can be eaten on good days, can be eaten on bad days; it can be rejoiced with on victorious days, and for comfort as catastrophe befalls;it can be eaten in times of blossoming love, or in times of withering love. There is never a need to worry about a lack of reason to enjoy caviar, even if there is none, you can eat it for the sake of health.



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