Hainan Zhongyu Seafood Co.,Ltd.



Hainan Zhongyu Seafood Co.,Ltd.
Hainan Zhongyi Frozen Food Co., Ltd.
Address:Laocheng Industrial Development Zone, Chengmai, Hainan, China
Tel: 86-898-68657617  67428008
Fax: 86-898-68647675  67438006

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In Aug., 1998, Hainan Yuanyuantong Trade Co., Ltd. was founded with a registered capital of RMB 1 million, starting her aquatic trade.

In Jul., 2000, her name changed into Hainan Runzetong Im. & Ex. Trade Co., Ltd.

In Apr., 2001, Hainan Zhongyi Frozen Food Co.,Ltd. was founded by combining with other two enterprises, and RMB 8 million was invested to establish its aquatic processing facility. It achieved HACCP certication in 2001 and EU registration in 2002.

In Oct., 2005, Hainan Zhongyu Seafood Co., Ltd. was founded with a registered capital of RMB 30.33 million.

Product Introduction
tilapia fillet
skin on tilapia fill
HL shrimp
boiled PD shrimp
sea bass fillet
PD shrimp
boiled vannamei PDsh
sea food mix
deep skinned tilapia
vannamei HLshrimp
vannamei PD shrimp
whole tilapia
cutted blanquillo fi
white blanquillo
marine products
baby squid
boiled dried shrimp
eel fillet
choppted eel fillet
boiled eel fillet
boiled shrimp
PDTO shrimp
squid tube
white blanquillo fil
sea farming fish
shallow skinned tila
vannamei shrimp



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