Ha Li Fa Pte Ltd (合利发)



Ha Li Fa Pte Ltd (合利发)
Address: 257 Pandan Loop, Singapore 128434
Telephone: (65) 6773 6209
Fax: (65) 6774 2010

The Company
Ha Li Fa Pte Ltd, founded in 1987 and established in 1993, was brought to life by Mrs. Ang’s belief that a family’s prosperity is firmly rooted in the solidarity of its members. She clearly conveyed this message to her children resulting in their passionate involvement, ever since childhood, in the production of fishballs.

Since its inception, Ha Li Fa Pte Ltd, through its “BoBo” brand, has gained a firm foothold in local and international markets. Its logistic network and production processes are well developed to deliver high-quality products that cater to changing consumer tastes and demands. After all, being customer driven has always been at the core of the BoBo brand.

Everyday’s a Celebration
We celebrate not just important and significant events, but also the little things in life that bring joy and happiness. We believe in spreading the simple joys we find in life through our products in all occasions. To marvel and savour the wonder.

BoBo offers a wide range of products and strive to stay ahead by dedicating resources for research and development and providing customized products.

Currently, these products can be found in the market :
Soup Series
Fish Cake Series
Deep Frid Series
Sakura Series
Chicken Series
Beef Series



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