Golden Fresh Sdn. Bhd. (139091-P)



Golden Fresh Sdn. Bhd. (139091-P)
Address: 4572, Jalan Chain Ferry, 12100 Butterworth, Malaysia.
Tel: +604 – 3333 388

Our Element
Water, one of the essential elements of life, can be a powerful force of nature and, at the same time, an ever-changing substance that adapts readily to its immediate environment. This combination of strength and adaptability is also the proud hallmark of Golden Fresh, a company that has always evolved with changing times – through innovation, reliability and sustainability – to retain its competitiveness in the global market place.

Being at the forefront of premium quality and innovation in frozen seafood for the last two decades, Golden Fresh continues its unswerving commitment in proactive product development, utilising state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. It has grown from one of the largest seafood processors in Malaysia to a global supplier of raw and value-added seafood products.

– To be the preferred seafood supplier producing premium and innovative products.

– Providing reliable services and only the highest quality products.
– Offering innovation and variety in its products and services.
– Building sustainable partnerships.
– Playing a role to a greener environment whenever possible.

From its modest operation on the shores of Penang, Malaysia which started in 1989, Golden Fresh has evolved and emerged as a world-class processor of value-added seafood products totalling well over 8000 tonnes annually.

Using only prime sustainable fish, our products include
– breaded, tempura, crumb varieties and special batters
– for frying and baking fillets in sauce and toppings for baking and microwaving
– special cuts such as goujons, cocktails, bites, medallions and fish en croute

Our succulent prawns are prepared in many ways, such as
– marinated in sauce for baking and microwaving
– tempura and special batters
– unique crumbs and coatings for frying and baking

Top quality squid are cut into rings , strips, tentacles, chunks, spirals, cubes and tubes, and are offered in many ways, for example
– tempura, and crumb varieties
– award-winning batters and coatings

Additional ground-breaking seafood ranges include
– authentic seafood soups
– fish, prawn and squid burgers
– pastry puffs, filo twists and specialty rolls
– stuffed and marinated products
– smoky fish and prawns
– pastry puffs, filo twists and specialty rolls



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