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Gallant Ocean (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Address: 99/12-13 Ekachai Complex Moo4. Ekachai Rd., Khokkham Samutsakhon 74000 Thailand

Shrimp Item

Fish Item

Gallant-Ocean set up plant in Thailand, Plant to meet the fast growing demand of Shrimp and fishery businesses. These factories are located in Samutsakorn province, also knows as Mahachai, which is 30 kilometers from the center of Bangkok. Mahachai has always been known for its world famous seafood resources, especially those giant Black Tiger Shrimps and White
Shrimps. We strongly believe in supplying superior fishery products for our customers, hence both of these factories have obtained HACCP, EEC, and GMP Certifications to ensure the quality standards.

Plant has more than 1,200 employees, with total land space of 20,495 square meters, and factory area of 9,900 square meters. Currently there are 5 production lines, 1 one cold storage with 1,000 tons of freezing capacity. “Rubi Tilapia” (Red Tilapia) is named by the Emperor of Thailand for its delicacy taste, and is our “Super Star” product at TMS plant. Red Tilapia was especially famous for its unique farming technique and floating cage environment. It is mainly exported to South/North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Soviet Union, Australia market.

TMS Plant’s main products include farming fishes, such as Black Tilapia, Red Tilapia, and Tilapia Fillets, Cuttlefish, Loligo,Cooked Shrimp and value-added products such as Breaded Shrimp, Breaded Fish,Tempura Shrimp etc..

Its main products include Black Tiger Shrimps, White Shrimps, and Freshwater Shrimps.

Forest Spring Tilapia
A premium grade of Tilapia and Red Tilapia are raised under exceptional farming environment by using floating cage farming technique with crystal-clear river surrounded by non-polluting forest, and fed with non-antibiotics, high Protein and Vitamin-rich feeds that provide delicacy and pureness to the fish.

The fish are transported directly from farms to our factory for processing to ensure top quality and freshness. Best of all, it is available all year round. We truly believe that our Forest Spring Tilapia’s naturally low fat and low carbohydrate characteristics are the best choice for your healthy daily diet.

Factory and Production statuses    
– This photo shows the process of how we produce our products.From cleaning,sterilize, placing on the tray and freezing then finally into the cold storage. All the processing procedure including dressing fits HACCP requirements.
– Double check productions’ grade level and number, pick up shrimp that is not wanted, not shrimp itself, not even related production, and imperfect or not whole shrimp. Shrimp balls, shrimp from different species or not as fresh are treated in a different procedure.
– Each bag is neatly laid in the paper box after being sealed (note: the printed words on the box must be correct). Double check if each box has exact number of bags. When the double check is done, the box is sealed and put into the freezer immediately, so the quality won’t be affected because of staying too long in average temperature.
– Those that are sealed are sent to the freezer and arranged following the rule of “First in, first out” sequence.

Main products
Red Tilapia
Tilapia Fillet
Leather Jacket
Cuttle Fish
Loligo Squid
Baby Octopus
Black Tiger Shrimp
White Shrimp
Cooked Shrimp HOSO
Cooked Shrimp
Filo Shrimp
Breaded Butterfly Shrimp
Tempura Shrimp (Raw)
Seafood Donut
Breaded Fish Fillet
Tempura Fish Butterfly (Pre-fried)
Tempura Shrimp (Pre-fried)
Fritter Shrimp(Pre-fried)



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